Monday, October 27, 2008

Faith Foundations

I feel so blessed and truly fortunate to be able to worship in the church of my choice and to meet openly with other believers. Sunday in our S.S. class we had a regional missions director who was telling us of the opposition that many of our missionaries face. Then last night in church we had a missionary to Israel (He is of Asian descent--Ed Kim). You wouldn't think it would be difficult to talk about the gospel in that country, but in fact Jews who accept Christ are persecuted and missionaries there also face much difficulty.

In our Wednesday night services our pastor is doing a series on Faith Foundations from Hebrews 11. This past Wed. night it was about Noah. I don't think I had ever really considered how much faith it took for Noah to build the Ark.
  • He trusted God for what was Unprecedented--there had never been rain, much less a flood, and certainly not an Ark--especially considering its dimensions.
  • He took a stand when it was Unpleasant--he overcame discouragement & criticism; also the project took a very long time and he had to finance it.
  • He gave a witness when it was Unpopular--In Genesis it says he was a preacher, and was no doubt preaching and witnessing while he was building.

God will put us into situations where there is no precedent or parallel established. I know I have faced some challenges with my adult son, and I really didn't have any previous experience to draw upon to deal with some of the issues. But God is faithful and all He wants is for us to be faithful and to trust Him with all of the situations that come up in our lives.

I guess you've now had my Monday Morning Message. Thanks for listening.


Letters From Midlife said...

I love the story of Noah because he remained faithful to God's leading for so long despite the negative response from others. Thank you for sharing this. I also am grateful that we still have the freedom to worship where and how we want to. I think we Americans take that for granted and don't realize how quickly, with just a law passed by a liberal president or Supreme Court, that could be taken away.

lookuptoday said...

Hi Friend, Nice post. Yes we are indeed priveleged to worship when, where and how we want. Noah is a remarkable person. Not only did he build the ark, look at all he had to do after.Hope you week will be full of blessings. Dee <><

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

Donna: I love the title of your blog and your subjects. I'm also a reading fan of Karen Kingsbury. Would you add me to your blog list as I'm adding you to mine. Thanks a bunch

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Yes Noah was obedient to the Lord, but he also failed the Lord in many ways (which gives me hope)
Can you imagine being obedient and following what the Lord told you to do and NOBODY came (except his family), but the bible says (Acts 13:48) all who were ordained to eternal life , believed! So everybody that the Lord called, came!
Nice blog, thought provoking post!
♥ Blessings!