Monday, July 13, 2009

Free at Last and Going Forward in Faith

I am still in Ok. City as I write this post. My son, Tim was released from jail on Thursday evening about 9:00 pm. (He was done in court that morning by 9:30 am but the jail is notorious for releasing them at very late hours.) We stopped at Taco Bueno on the way home to get him a chicken enchilada. Because of the late hour, I stayed at his apartment with him that night. We talked quite a while; we also got his TV and DVD player set up.

We have accomplished quite a lot in the last 4 days. He is on probation through the court, so we went to see his Probation Officer, to get instructions and get everything set up. I was very impressed with her. She will be firm about the rules, but also seems to have a caring attitude, which I would think is a little unusual. He will have to report to her on a regular basis and has several things he needs to complete, including 40 hours of community service. (We haven't set that up yet, but one of the options is Habitat for Humanity, which I think he would enjoy).

I have prayed for wisdom, and felt he would need a car, to be able to meet his obligations. So I have purchased a car for him, a dodge stratus. His driver's license had been suspended 2 years ago, so it's been a little bit of a challenge to get that renewed, but we should complete that tomorrow, and he will have his license. We got him a cell phone, new contacts (he had the same ones in for 9 months!), a watch, an alarm clock, some clothes (he had almost nothing), and stocked his apartment with food. It has been a busy 4 days. Tomorrow we need to finish up at the license bureau, go to set up his community service, and pick up his car. Wednesday morning he has an appointment for a substance abuse and mental health assessment (which will take about 4 hours). That is one of the things his Probation officer (P.O.) wanted him to do right away. I will be leaving on Thursday morning to drive back home.

Tim seems to be very stable mentally and spiritually at this time. He is determined to comply with his probation, including staying clean from drugs and alcohol. He has talked very frankly and honestly about some of his past behavior, including bad choices of friends. He is trying to re-connect with some of the christian friends he had several years ago.

I must admit, I'm a little anxious about him, as I so very much want him to succeed, and be responsible and productive. I have turned him over to the Lord, and I will just need to allow the Lord to do a wonderful work in his life.

We have had some wonderful fellowship together. He has a great sense of humor, and has had me laughing on many occasions. We've reminisced about earlier years. We have prayed together every morning and committed our day to the Lord.

I would covet the prayers of friends and family for him, to put a hedge of protection around him. I know our adversary, Satan, will do all that he can to keep Tim from doing what is right. I am so very grateful for all of you who have faithfully prayed for us. Thank you so much.

I am hopeful that Tim will truly find what the Lord has for him, and that the Lord will bring "beauty from the ashes" and will "restore what the locusts have eaten".


Dee said...

I will pray that hedge of protection around Tim. I would so much like to see him have victory. Bless you Donna, you are a wonderful mom. Dee

Brenda said...

It was so good to hear from you! I am praying for you and Tim. You have really accomplished so much. I am praying for Tim to find a Christian friend and to stay true to his goals and the Lord.

Joan said...

Tim is so bless to have you there for support. Sounds like you have done so much already. Prayers on the way that Tim's commitment be firm and that God puts the right people in his life.


Rebecca said...

I, too, will be praying. You have been gracious and generous with your time and money - much like the Heavenly Father has been with us.

Letters From Midlife said...

He is blessed to have you help him during this time. The kind of help you are giving is the practical kind that he needs to get on his feet again. So many come out of jail with no one to turn to, no resources. I'll continue to pray for you and for him.