Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heaven is For Real

A lot of the reading I do is for pleasure and relaxation. But many times I read something that has really challenged me or I've learned something new. But it's been a long time since a book has had this kind of an impact on me.

This is written by the father of a little boy who was very sick, and while he was in surgery, he went to Heaven and back. I'll have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. But it has encouraged my heart like nothing has in a long time.

Very possibly, I was so impressed by this book because I have so many close family members who are in Heaven. In the past I've read books about Heaven, just trying to get a feel for what Heaven must be like. But this has given me new insight and given me some new ideas to think about.

For about a week after I read this book, I just couldn't stop thinking about Heaven, and my loved ones who are there. It caused me to say, "Even so come, Lord Jesus!"


Rebecca said...

This book title has sure has come up in a lot of conversations lately. I'm glad it has brought you such hope and encouragement.

Diana said...

It really sounds like an interesting read. You have me curious now!
Love Di ♥

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Makes me think of Don Piper's "90 minutes in heaven."

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen.


Becky said...

Hmmm! This has me interested now. I will have to read it or listen to audiobook when I can.

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Have heard this book mentioned frequently. I've read the Don Piper book, and will probably read this one eventually. It will be interesting comparing them.

He lives that we might live with Him forever!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for lending it to me. I DID read it. Will try to get it back to you when I get back....(we're in Chicago until noon Wed. then will head back).