Thursday, October 25, 2007

Miscellaneous Musings

I have been reading blogs from my nephews, and I felt that blogging was probably for the younger generation, or for those who are very creative thinkers. I am certainly not considered young, and probably have very few creative thoughts, but decided it might be a way for me to journal. One of my nephews reminded me that people get to know us better through the stories of our lives. Also, I thought it might help keep me young by using this rather popular communication medium.

I think my word for today is "Blessed". Recently we have had so many friends and family members who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses. Also we know of people who don't have good family relationships or are having difficulties in their marriage. I have been thinking recently, that I am truly blessed in so many ways:

I am blessed:

  • because I am a child of God, and it so awesome to think that the Creator of the Universe cares about me.
  • with a wonderful second marriage.
  • with a great extended family who love and support me
  • good health.
  • the ability to work

So I am very thankful for all the ways the Lord has chosen to bless me.

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