Thursday, February 28, 2008

Missions--Medicine, Machinery, and Mangos

On Saturday morning, my husband and I and another couple are leaving for Haiti for a 2 week missions trip. The men will be involved in working on radio equipment, transmitters, etc. I will be working in the hospital there. There will be a surgeon from Michigan there for the first week we are there, so they will be busy. I will be helping with pre-op, starting IV's etc. The second week I will do some teaching for some of the nurses. Judy, the other lady going with us, will be doing some sewing--curtains and chair cushions for the engineer and his wife. Then we both will be helping with the children's work--getting supplies ready for VBS, etc.

I have a mixture of emotions. I am excited to be going and be involved again with the people of Haiti. I was a missionary there many years ago. I am also nervous, as I'm not sure my IV skills are adequate, and I'll be teaching through an interpreter. I am really looking forward to it however. We should have a little time for swimming and relaxing.

We would appreciate your prayers as we go. We are hoping to be an encouragement to the staff and people there, as well as complete the projects we will work on.

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