Monday, August 11, 2008

From Zipping to Blobbing

Game Time Saturday Night

Sunday Morning Worship

Tanyale & Bethany
Leading in Music
Jessica holding the music

A tour of Camp

Brenda and Sharice on the Blob

Donna on the Zip Line

This past weekend our family had a get together at Miracle Camp. It was originally going to be a birthday party for Dad. However, dad had his birthday celebration in Heaven, as he went to be with his Lord on June 26th. We decided we all wanted to get together anyway, and celebrate with each other and celebrate his life. And we had a really wonderful time.

What beautiful weather--it was nearly perfect. Many of the group spent time on the boat skiing. Several of them learned to ski this weekend. We also had a great time at the zip line; for the young, it was sort of adventurous and really fun but no big deal. For those of us that are more mature, it was just down right scary. Jumping off of a 35-foot tower and then being whisked along on a wire cable was quite a rush. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

There was no lack of activities. Everyone really enjoyed various group activities--mini golf, volly ball, swimming, etc. We were even able to watch some of the opening ceremony of the olympics and catch of a few of the events in between other activities.

And THEN--there was the water blobbing!! It involves climbing a tower and jumping off onto this huge long tube. The object is to have someone sitting on the end of the tube, and then when another person jumps onto the tube the one on the end is launched into the water. It was all going well, with everyone having a great time. Brenda and Sharice decided that in order to launch Tyler high into the water, they would both jump together. It was a great plan, but apparently their legs hit each other as they landed. Brenda couldn't walk on her left leg and was carried out of the water on a chair. Sharice also had difficulty walking on her right leg, and limped out with help. Both were sent to Bronson hospital in Kalamazoo. Sharice was able to return to camp, but was having a lot of severe muscle spasms from what they called a deep muscle bruise on her upper leg. Brenda's left femur was split at the top, close to the hip. She needed surgery and was sent by ambulance to Wheaton's Central Dupage Hospital. She had surgery Sunday morning and is doing well. However, she will need a lot of rehab, so this will definitely cramp her style for a little while!

Brenda was so concerned that it would ruin our fun. However, we all continued to have a great time. Many of us had a wonderful time on Saturday evening playing card games, having snacks and visiting.

We had a really sweet Sunday Morning worship service together. Tanyale and Bethany led out music on the keyboard and guitar respectively. We had a time of sharing and prayer and a short Bible study with many participating. One of the strengths of our family is our faith in God and the wonderful christian heritage we have from our parents. I just really felt refreshed and blessed from our time together.

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Tanyale Roth said...

Hey Aunt Donna,
It was so great seeing you this past weekend. Its always fun to see ya and talk with ya. I am so proud of you for doing the zipline. Thanks for encouraging me to do it. It was a complete BLAST!
Have a great weekend.
Love ya tons,