Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Picture

Both Gina and Cindy were tagged to do a random picture story, and I enjoyed them so much, I decided to participate. You just go to your 6th picture file, pick the 6th photo and tell the story about it. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.

My husband and I have had a strong interest in Haiti since 1970. At that time He and his first wife were there as short-term missionaries and I was there also (I was single) working in the medical clinic. Lynn worked with the radio ministry. He has continued to work with them and has supplied parts and supplies from the States when needed. The last 3 years he's gone on short mission trips to work on the radio transmitters and antennas. Last year I went with him and worked in the hospital.

Anyway, back to this picture. The man on the left is Barry, who went with us last year. In the middle is Killick, the chief Haitian engineer in Haiti. He has an engineering degree from the U.S. My husband, Lynn is on the right. This was actually taken here in Marion, Indiana when Killick was in the states for a visit. That is his little boy, Nathaniel, who was about 4 at the time of this picture, and he speaks 3 languages--french, creole and english. Amazing little guy. Lynn has a real passion for this ministry and is leaving to go on another mission trip in March.


Dee said...

Donna, you have such an interesting life!!! I am going to try the random photo- i am not sure i have anything interesting. :-) Dee

Gina said...

Donna, what a great story! My daughter went to Haiti as a short term missionary, when she was a teenager and it changed her life. My husband was the mission director at the church we attended before moving down south and has spent many years leading groups to Guatamala and Mexico. He has since been to Africa several times with Wheels for the World.

Anonymous said...

Your new design on your blog looks great, but on some computers, the actual words on the posts are not readable because of the reverse on the background. Otherwise, it's beautiful!

Donna's Book Nook said...

to anonymous: I'm not sure how to fix that problem. Do I just need to change the colors on the text? Donna

Anonymous said...

That would probably help!

Since the letters are now white on a colorful background, if the background doesn't appear (for some reason on certain computers), the white words just wash out!