Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting in the Spirit of the Season

This past Sunday I was privileged to attend the "Living Christmas Tree" presentation downtown Fort Wayne at the Scottish Rite Theatre. This has been done for many, many years; it used to be held at Blackhawk Baptist Church. However, I don't think I've ever seen it before. There were 77 choir members from the community. They started out singing as carolers in front of the huge Christmas tree on stage. There was also an on-going drama. Then about
half-way through the program, the choir members were actually in the tree, with only their heads and white shirts showing.

I was SO glad that I went to this performance. The music was just so uplifting, and I was able to just focus on our Lord, coming as a baby, but then also going to the cross, and coming to life again, in order to provide us with our salvation and fellowship with Him. The program ended with the Hallelujah Chorus. They gave 4 performances; I can only imagine the impact on the members of the choir. I know I get even so much more out of music when I'm participating. It was an amazing tribute to our Lord and Savior.

It's also relaxing for me to just have my tree lights on while I'm reading or studying, and sipping on coffee or hot chocolate.

My husband surprised me by buying me a real wreath. The pine scent filled my house for several days. It came with the bow on it, and i added the other decorations. It's been a lovely addition to my Christmas ambiance.

My nativity scene is one that came from Haiti, thus the figures are Haitian. My husband and I have a heart for the people of Haiti, and will be going there for 2 weeks next March.

This basket was given to me last year by my step-daughter, Janelle. It still looks nice and looks good on my dining room table.

I have been so blessed this past year, and I just want to focus on giving the Lord all the Honor and Glory this season.

For unto us aa child is born,
unto us a son is given,
and the government will be upon His shoulders
And His name will be called
Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9: 6

Let us come and worship, come and worship, Jesus Christ the Newborn King! Hallelujah!


Joan said...

The concert sounds inspiring. Love your tree. I have a half tree also. I will have pictures also on my blog tomorrow.


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

It's always fun to see things like this. It just adds to the enjoyment of the season.

Wanda said...

The concert sounds wonderful Donna and I agree, just sitting near a Christmas tree is relaxing. I love how you decorated the live wreath and wish I had that basket on your dining room table!
Enjoy the holidays with your family Donna.


Rebecca said...

It's been YEARS since I saw the living Christmas tree! Back when it was at Blackhawk....

Your house looks lovely! And a live wreath must be a real treat. The basket arrangement is lovely, too! Next year you should bring your Haitian nativity to our Nativity Open House!

I'm especially enjoying being home with my feet up tonight! It sounds fierce out there. (A friend and I were going to go to Ossian for the view of our other friend's husband, but we didn't think it wise....)

Dee said...

I have always wanted to see a "Living Christmas Tree" presentation but have not had any in my area. I love to hear a choir sing Christmas gives me happy bumps and like you I begin to focus on Christ. We did not put up a tree this year as our space is so limited and Frank did not feel like digging through the shed for the teeny tiny tree I used last year. I do have a beautiful angel that has sentimental value to me sitting out. It turns diffrent colors so I am able to get that Christmas tree lights effect. The live wreath is very nice..we use to buy one from the boy scouts. Thanks for showing your home. Merry Christmas! Dee

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Love a living Christmas tree performance. Haven't seen one in a long time; also love having my morning time with the Lord before a lighted tree! What I can't abide, is real pine. It makes me deathly ill, so I'll enjoy all my fake with a clear head this year!

Blessings sister. Enjoy each remembrance of Christ that enters in.


beckymc said...

Thank you for sharing the Living Christmas tree sounds great. I'd love to see it!