Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recipe Books Revealed

The big secret was finally out--and the recipe books were given to sisters and nieces at our Gisel Christmas on Saturday. You can tell from all the smiling faces that they were pleased to get them. Amy is in the front on the far right (in the pink--I don't always get my 'right' and 'left' dirctions very well).

I'm sure these will be not only used, but kept as a little piece of history from mother. The only problem is--what will I do with all my time, now that the books are completed? I know I'll think of something!

Apparently everyone wanted a picture of all of us with our books. It all of the sudden seemed quite funny to see all the men with their camaras, preserving this moment in time for blogs, scrapbooks, photo albums, facebook, etc. So of course, we had to get a picture of the men taking pictures.

We all met at the Holiday Inn Express in Fort Wayne and had a great time. They have a big breakfast room and sitting area combo that was great for us to visit, play games, etc. Following are some of the happy faces as we enjoyed spending time with family.

Amy (niece) and T.J. (G-nephew)

Lynn and I

Sheila (sister-in-law), Lowell (Bro) and Rog (b-i-l )

Dan (nephew), his wife Bethany, and niece Katie

Sis Lou, G-niece Tanyale, and her mom, Sharice

Sis Brenda and hubby Bob

We played a game called "Kemp", which I had never heard of before. You can play with unlimited numbers of people (each has to have a partner), and we started with 12 of us, but soon realized it was a little cumbersome with that many. We divided into 2 groups. I am not going to explain the game (not even sure I can do a good job of that); but suffice it to say, it was a bit hilarious and noisy. Thankfully, I don't believe the hotel was very full, or we could possibly have been considered a bit disruptive.

This was our group of six; I was Amy's partner and sitting across from her, but I'm hidden by Dan's head. As you can possibly surmise from this pic, T.J. was obviously the life of the party, and he and his dad Brian (white shirt) kept us in stitches.

We originally weren't going to get together at Christmas, as it is difficult to get everyone there with bad weather, long distances, etc. I am so glad that we decided to still have a family gathering for those that could make it. If my math is correct, this was a little less than half of us, as we have a total of 40 in the family and we had 16 of us there.

We had a great time, and plan to get together with the whole family in June, when the weather is more conducive to travel. I am truly thankful for each family member. My husband said, "you have a great family. Everyone is so nice and you have such fun". I couldn't agree more.


Rebecca said...

It sure looks like all your hard work was well-received! It really is a gift that will "keep on giving" as they say....

We're playing some games here, too. One, I definitely know we'll try to find. Quiddler (I think) is the name.

Tonight is picture night, more games, and singing out of the hymnals.

Bernie said...

Everyone looks wonderful and so happy......and I still love, love, love the idea of the cook books. My older sister has my mom's books, I would love her to do one up for me.....not sure I should ask but would really love too. I can't think of a happier memory than my mom baking with her flour stained cook book, all receipes in her hand writing oh Donna, I cannot think of a more beautiful gift.......:-) hugs

Wanda said...

That was a fun way to meet and give everyone the recipe books Donna and the photo of all the men with cameras made me smile.

I believe I already told you how beautiful the books turned out and what a thoughtful thing it was to do!

Annie said...

How proud you must feel to know your hardwork was loved by all!!! Just stopping by to wish you a blessed New Year!

Dee said...

Happy News Years Day Donna. I am so pleased you showed us the pictures of everyone with their cook books...and the guys with the camera's..LOL..what a hoot. I think you should all put the pictures in the cook books. Future generations would love it. What would your family think of adopting a new member into your family? I think you guys are all blessed to be members of such a fun family.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Now you start a blogging cookbook (although I would have little to add). Just kidding. Sort of.

Once nice thing I did for our folks this year was create a photobook via Shutterfly. You upload pictures and make a book. You could do a themed one, family one, etc. Might make a nice gift for next year. I know our parents loved them!