Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Drive, Good friends and family

I started out early Sunday morning to drive to Oklahoma City. It is always a two-day trip when I drive, but I also had a few stops I wanted to make along the way.

My first stop was in Rockville, Indiana at the Rockville Correctional Facility. As most of you know, I have been writing to and mentoring a girl at this facility.(well I guess she's a lady--35 y/o, but looks so young!) They are allowed to have visits from family or friends for 2hours at a time. I arrived there about 10:30 am and had a wonderful visit with her.

This is Nichole with her kids, R.J. and Nyla. They are 3 y/o and 2y/o. Nyla just had her birthday. She hasn't seen them for a long time. I am currently trying to work out a visit to see them and get some current pictures for her. I am impressed with the way Nichole has grown spiritually and she has a very positive attitude, in spite of some of the negative things that go on. She is in college there (through Ivy Tech) for Medical assistant. She is also in a work program at a factury there (Penn products), which will help her with employment when she gets out.
One humerous thing is that she always wants me to tell her what I've fixed for meals. They have pretty bad food, and I told her I thought it would make her feel bad. She said, "Oh no! I can almost smell the roast and taste the food" A good imagination I guess.

When I left Rockville, I went to Terre Haute to see my friend Naomi. (This is an older picture, as I am in OKC and forgot the cord to upload pics from my camara. I took her a care package and visited for about an hour.

When I left Terre Haute, I drove as far as I could until sunset. (I don't drive after dark). I got to Rolla, Missouri at 7:30 pm and stayed in a Best Western.

I couldn't believe it, but I slept until 6:40 am (my time--it was actually 5:40 in Mo). I got ready to leave, had juice and coffee at the hotel, and left there about 7:15 am (Mo. time)

Sort of on a whim, I decided to stop to see the Precious Moments Chapel. I knew I wasn't on a strict schedule, and had wanted to see it for a long time. My kids and first hubby had been there a long time ago, but I wasn't with them. The grounds are beautiful, and the chapel was really impressive. We couldn't take pics inside, but these pictures below are from the internet. One room had beautiful stain-glass windows, each one depicting one of the beatutudes.

This was the main room, as you walked in. It had murals along both walls, and this big mural at the back, called "Hallelujah Square". I was really glad I had taken this little respite from my driving. (Besides I really needed to walk for a little while!)

I arrived in Ok. City about 3 pm their time and went to see my mother-in-law, Gloria, and son Tim. I went to her home and he came over to visit with us.
I am staying with my cousin, Donnie and her husband Gene, and had supper there. Her computer modem is broke, so I came to the library to catch up and get my "computer fix".

(I'm really hoping my cord for my camara is in my suitcase, but it didn't get here to the library with me.). I will be spending most of the week here, and leaving again for the drive home next Saturday.


Andrea said...

Praying you will continue to have a beautifully blessed visit and safe travel back home.
Blessings, andrea

Bernie said...

Donna what a wonderful thing you did to visit that lady and trying to arrange updated pictures, what a blessing you are to many.
Enjoy your visit, drive safe and be well my friend.....:-) Hugs

Dee said...

I agree with Bernie that you are a blessing to many. I have never taken a road trip alone and it is on my what I would like to do list. I am glad you take time to stop places. Be safe and may your visit and return trip be joy filled.

Wanda said...

On the road with Donna!! Like Dee, I have never taken a road trip by myself. Enjoy visiting with your son and have a safe trip home.


Diana said...

It sounds like an adventurous trip Donna! And it sounds as though you are enjoying it. Be safe and enjoy your time. Love Di ♥

Brenda said...

Good for you. I love your spirit of adventure and your generous heart.

Gina said...

You are such a blessing to those around you. Have a safe and fun trip. Oh and BTW, I loved the pictures of the little chapel.

Rebecca said...

If I hadn't been on vacation, I would have begged to drive along with you. Sounds like my way to travel! Glad you got to visit the prison & friend in Terre Haute.

Hope you find your computer cord. (We had our computer "fixes" several time during our vacation.) Love those libraries!