Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun, Friends, and Back Home in Indiana

I spent most of my time in Oklahoma City with my son and with my mother-in-law. I totally enjoyed my time with them, also realizing I may not have my sweet M-I-L a whole lot longer. She is a sweetheart and I enjoy her company.

However, on Thursday night I had a really fun evening with a good friend of mine from the hospital where I used to work. She has been a friend for a long time, not just at work. I had spent time with her family on various occasions. She asked me to come for supper and spend the evening, but she lives about 40 minutes from where I was staying, and I really don't do well driving at night. So she said, "Just come and spend the night! We'll have a slumber party!" So I did!

Her 3 girls are an absolute delight. The oldest one, Cali, (in the middle), is so mature and very sweet. She helped her mom clear the table. And she got my room ready for me. She wanted to show it to me so we all went upstairs. She had made the bed, turned it back, and had my book and the TV remote laying by the pillow. She also showed me where clean towels were in the bathroom. (Later, when I was going to bed, she brought me a big glass of ice water--so I wouldn't have to go downstairs in the dark if I needed a drink.)

After supper (which was grilled T-bone steaks, baked potatoes, green bean casserole,salad and rolls!) the girls had a jump rope contest for me. I tried my luck, but let me just say--I'm out of practice. They all surpassed my ability.

They have a huge exercise ball, and they were showing me tricks they do with it. They are all sitting on the ball here, even though you can't see it. After supper, hubby made rice krispie treats--which thrilled all the girls. You can see the middle one, Kinsie, enjoying one. (I think she had at least three!). The youngest one, on the right, is Chloe. This is my assessment of the girls: Cali--sweet, mature, compassionate; Kinsie--fun-loving and laid back (not much bothers her); and Chloe--mischievous and a bit ornery--just like her mother. I told Joely that "pay back is rough". She said "I knew I would have one exactly like me--it's scary!

After taking the girls to school Friday morning, Joely and I had coffee and talked, and then I headed back to OKC. It was a totally fun evening.

On my road trip back, I got a book-on-tape from Cracker Barrel to keep me awake. I've done this before, and it keeps me from getting sleepy. This was "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks. It was a really good book--I enjoyed it.

However, there is nothing like getting back home. I have obviously gained a few pounds while I was gone, so it's back to the routine. I got back on Sunday about 3:00 pm and mostly unpacked, did laundry, and "chilled" in my recliner, caught up on blog-reading, etc.

So now it's back to getting in the routine. Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I got out early and rode my bike 3 miles. For seasoned bikers, I know that doesn't sound very impressive, but I'm definitely going to have to work up to longer distances. (The first and last 1/2 mile is on gravel and makes me a little nervous.) I did get a helmet, in case I take a tumble.


Rebecca said...

I smiled at the hospitality extended to you by your friend's daughter. How thoughtful! I'm happy for you that you had this time with son, mother-in-law and special friend.

Three miles sounds like a LOT to me - and I'm glad to hear you got a helmet. (I needed one when I tried to put my suitcase on a high shelf in my closet after our vacation!)

So, d'ya want to get together and practice jump rope???? We're going out of town this evening & tomorrow to grandson's Grandparent's Day at school...And the rest of this week looks kind of full - but what about Monday or Tuesday morning NEXT week???

Dee said...

Welcome home. What an awesome family you spent the night with. I can envision Cali owning a bed and breakfast one day or perhaps going into nursing. It sounds like with your description of the girls there is a healthy balance of personality in the family.I Wish I could have seen you use the hoola hoop...;) I may get the grands one when they come for a visit this summer.

Andrea said...

I am impressed by your three mile bike ride. I have lost the ability to balance related to a health issue and can no longer ride my bike. I need to be more motivated to walk and hike. I do well when we travel, b/c I love to walk/hike with the dogs. Unfortunately, I can't travel all the time.
Blessings, andrea

Wanda said...

Glad you are safely home from your trip, Donna, even your drive back seemed relaxing, with the book on tape.

Riding your bike for 3 miles is pretty impressive, I still haven't gotten on mine yet this year!


Bernie said...

Donna I think it is wonderful that you ventured out on your own and had this lovely vacation. I loved how Joely's daughters were so kind and good to must of been wonderful to spend time with your son and MIL.
Glad you are now home safe and sound........:-) Hugs

Diana said...

That visit sounded better then any hotel stay Donna! The hospitality and food sounded fabulous. So glad that you had a good time. I had to get three shots in my knees today, hoping that I can ride my bike again soon!
Love Di ♥

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Sounds like you had a great time away... and those girls are precious. My mom is all into securing those books on tapes while she drives. Honestly, I don't think there is a book in her library she hasn't either read or heard! Wish I had inherited her love for books. I've got at least a dozen sitting bedside awaiting my attention.