Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

Last week I had the pleasure of going with our women's group from church on a Christmas tour of a family home. They had told us that this woman (with the help of her family) puts up 12 Christmas trees in her home. (I think there were actually a couple more than that, if you counted a couple little ones in the bathrooms).

This tree (above) was on the front porch, with it's very interesting welcome sign "Flakes Welcome".

She said each tree has a "story". The one above was in the front room as we came in, and she said for lack of better name, they call it the fancy, formal tree.

This was in sort of a children's play room/school room. It has bells all over it, and she said when the bells jingle, you know the kids are in there, fiddling with the tree.

Sort of self-explanatory, this is the "Patriotic Tree" .

This was in the Master bedroom. I really liked the little wooden churches underneath it.

This was in their son's bedroom. He apparently is into dogs, as it was surrounded by various stuffed dogs.

I thought this one was also unique; it was in one of the girl's bedrooms. [I thought the most amazing thing was that all the bedrooms were so neat. We asked one of the girls (about 9 years old) if it stays that way all the time. She said, "Not quite all the time!]

I think I got pictures of all the trees, but did not feel it necessary to share all of them. She said they each have their own tub and get put away in the attic, with everything labeled. (More organization and energy than I possess!)

I am also intrigued with Nativity sets, and wanted to share this one. It was beautiful.

I had to share with you the stockings on the fireplace. Apparently they are into western wear!

It was a lovely tour and a really nice family. It seemed to me that it was a little over done, but I believe they truly enjoyed meeting all the people who come through to see their home, and getting to know new people.

Did I mention, all of us women made a stop at DeBrand's Chocolate before going home! I had a sundae that was placed in an edible chocolate shell, with chocolate, carmel and pecans on it. Now that was truly indulgence!


Rebecca said...

You KNOW I enjoyed this post! Thanks for highlighting the various "themes".

I have yet to enjoy a piece of DeBrand's chocolate. (Can you believe it?) That, and making a gingerbread house are two things of three things I've recently realized I've not done in my 63 years of living.

The third is lining (as in sewing technique) a Christmas stocking.

Dee said...

I admire your friends talent at decorating her tree's...I have a teeny tiny tree in our apartment and my ornaments just do not seem to compliment it know matter how much tweeking I do I have never had DeBrand's chocolate.I will have to add it to my list :)

Diana said...

That is a lot of Christmas trees!! Although there was one year that I put up about six. Lots of work but pretty! Now that dessert, that sounds amazin"!!! Love Di ♥

Dee said...

Hi, I am back to my blog...where are you? LOL