Thursday, December 1, 2011

Companionship, Coffee, and Comfort

I must make a confession here; before starting to write this post, I decided to catch up on some other blogs. So now, I'm really not feeling very spiritual or Christ-centered, after reading the recent posts from my friend at Life and Godliness.

However, to try to redeem myself, I must tell you that the last couple of weeks I've been working on my annual Christmas letter/poem, and it always reminds me of the many blessings I've enjoyed, and especially how thankful I am for my family and good friends. I've also been concerned about the spiritual needs of my adopted daughter and her children. I was talking to her the other day, and I said, "I really want R.J. and Nyla to grasp the real meaning of Christmas". Nichole said, "Oh, they know! I asked R.J. the other day if he knew when Christmas was and he said, yes, it is in December on 2-5 (he said the numbers one at a time). Then I asked him if he knew what Christmas was. Immediately he said it is Jesus's birth." So Nichole said, I was glad that he thought about Jesus first, not Santa Claus or presents.

Now, back to my original theme for this post. Ever since last year, I have been wanting a Keurig coffee maker. I just felt it was probably an extravagance, and I didn't really need it. A couple weeks ago Nichole, who was working at Kohl's, said that she had been checking out Keurig coffee makers all day and bagging them up, because they were on sale. Well, of course by the time she told me they were no longer on sale. BUT, she said they would be on sale again the day after Thanksgiving.

Well, I have made it my policy for many years now, not to go shopping on Black Friday. But I told Lynn that the coffee makers were going to be on sale. So my best friend and companion for life, my hubby, said, why don't you get one and let it be my Christmas present to you. So at 8:00 am on Black Friday, I made my way to Kohl's. The crowds really weren't very bad by that time, as most people had gone shopping at midnight and were going home to bed. AND, they still had coffee makers left--and I had a coupon for an additional 15% off!!

I brought it home, and it was still in the box. So a couple days later, Lynn said, "when are you going to open your coffee maker?" I said that I thought it was for Christmas. He said, I don't want you to wait, you need to enjoy it now.

I just want to say, I am so very much enjoying my Keurig. I can sit in my comfy chair, read, and have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, all of which are ready in just one minute. It seems to please my loving companion to see me thoroughly enjoying his gift. Last night he had been working hard, and came in for a break, and I was able to make him a hot cup of tea in just one minute! What can I say--Life is good!


Rebecca said...

This is your friend from Life and Godliness who had NO intention of making you feel guilty. In fact, just to prove it, I'll be over one of these days to try a cup of coffee from your new "maker" myself!

I loved what I read on a blog called down-to-earth about gift-giving yesterday....

"And when it comes to gifts, keep it simple. No one needs elaborate gifts, no one needs a lot of gifts. If your children are still young, don't create an expectation in them that Christmas is the time when they get whatever they want. All children really need is love, a good education and a fine family; all they really want is to be loved and to spend time with the people they love. It's fine to pepper that with small gifts but it hurts the family, and the child in the long run, if you go into debt to give expensive gifts. It also creates an unrealistic expectation - for everyone."

Wanda..... said...

I bought a Keurig coffee maker just before Thanksgiving of last year. I love it! It's nice to fix a single serving or two in the afternoon, without soiling the main coffee pot and having to wash it again! It's cheaper to buy the K-cups at Costco and for maintenance, I use distilled water, because we have hard water here.

Donna's Book Nook said...

Rebecca-I like your quote on gift-giving. Wanda, thanks for the tip on where to buy the K-cups. I've been using filtered water.

Becky said...

Donna, I got my Keruig last year for Christmas and I love love love it. I finally got it up here to Ohio with me and now I am enjoying hot tea annd cocoa when ever I want. I just got my hubby some coffe to try too.

Brenda said...

Donna, I am glad for you! If you want me to buy some K-cups for you, just let me know. I live just three miles now from Costco and would be happy to bring some to you on December 26!