Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautiful Blooms

I know it has been over 6 months since I have posted on my blog.  So it's possible many have given up on me.  However, I just couldn't resist posting these pictures of my Rose of Sharon plants.

I think it was at least 3 years ago that friend Rebecca and I went to a garage sale and I bought these 3 little sticks for $2.  The lady said they were Rose of Sharon plants but they truly did just look like sticks.  I have faithfully watched them and watered them every summer.  They continued to grow taller, but never had any blooms. 

Lo, and Behold!!  Yesterday my hubby said, "Donna, those "things" you planted at the corner of the house have flowers.  So I rushed out to see.   I was very excited.  Thus, this post, to share them with others. 


Dee said...

Welcome back...How gratifying to nurture something and see it come to life...blossom in its beauty.It looks like soon you will have more blooms. :)

Rebecca said...

Yay!!!!! And what a hot summer to decide to bloom in!

I'm SO glad you didn't give up on them and pull 'em out or something!

Incidentally, it's fun to "see" you on blogger again, too. (Were you aware that Dee is trying to blog EVERYDAY for 30 days! She's doing great at it!)

Diana said...

They are so beautiful Donna. Once they start they really spread after a few years. We have a big bush and I find little baby bushes all over the yard!! I love all they different colors that bloom from them. So pretty, and the Bees love them too!!
It's good to welcome you back!!
Love Di ♥

mylittlecottage said...

nice post thanks for sharing blessings

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Welcome back! So glad you shared that. I see them all over town here and they seem to bloom a long time. The name, "Rose of Sharon," reminds me of a song my sisters and I used to sing: "Jesus, Rose of Sharon," it started out...and that's about all I remember for now.

Keep watering is the by-word around here where temps are still 3 digits, Aargh!