Sunday, November 25, 2007

Facing Our Giants

This morning our pastor's message was on Facing our Giants. He used the very familiar story of David and Goliath. I know there is also a movie out now, called "Facing The Giants", which is basically about a team that thought they faced unsurmountable odds. The pastor used a quote from Max Lucado: " Your 'Goliath' doesn't carry sword or shield; he brandishes blades of unemployment, abandonment, sexual abuse, or depression. Your giant doesn't parade up and down the hills of Elah; he prances through your office, your bedroom, your classroom. he brings bills you can't pay, grades you can't make, people you can't please, whiskey you can't resist, pornography you can't refuse, a career you can't escape, a past you can't shake, and a future you can't face".
I know in the past I've had my 'giants'. There are still a couple of giants, lurking out there, wanting to keep me from being the joyous, productive person I should be. But I can praise the Lord, because I know he is in control of every situation. My part, which is sometimes the hard part, is to leave all of these things in His hands and trust Him implicitely to work everything out for my best interest.
Like David I can say, I can have victory over all my giants, because I have the power of the Lord on my side.

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Sue Lee said...

I have just started reading your blog and I love this entry. In fact, I think I will print it out so that I can re-read it whenever I need to. Thank you!