Saturday, January 26, 2008

Treasured Lifetime Friendships

There are some friends that come into our lives for a short while. Then we lose touch and never really see them or hear from them again. However, some friends are tried and true, and stay with us for a lifetime.

Such is the case with my friend, Alice Payne. She and I and 2 other girls lived together in a house in Ft. Wayne for a few years. We were nurses and all worked at Lutheran Hospital. Then I went to Haiti for almost 2 years, and when I came back, I got married. Alice went to Bengladesh as a missionary. Ruth got married. So we all went our separate ways. (Donna Burd never married and worked at Lutheran until she retired). However, we all stayed in touch during all these years.

Alice has been a missionary in Bengladesh for 35 years! (she recently was honored for her service) She recently moved back to Marion, Indiana. I hadn't seen her in probably 25 years.(I showed her pictures of my kids and she said she hadn't seen them since they were quite small). Thursday was her birthday, so Donna Burd, Ruth Baxter and I were going to go to see her. However, at the last minute Donna got sick, and something came up for Ruth, and so they couldn't go. I was rather disappointed, as I was looking forward to a reunion with all 4 of us. But then I got a brainstorm--I could go by myself!

I called Alice and asked if she had lunch plans (of course she didn't!) So I went to Marion and took her out to lunch. Then we went back to her house and talked. We had 25 years to catch up on! We had a great time, and I think she was very pleased that I had decided to come, even though the others couldn't. We'll have to plan a reunion some other time. (Unfortunately this blogger forgot to take her camara, so I have no pictures to post)

I've had several friends along the way that are very special. They would, and have, stood by me through good times and bad. True friendships, are developed over time or through common bonds or experiences. I think these friendships should be valued and treasured.

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