Monday, June 9, 2008

A 100-year-old Smile and A 90th Birthday

I went to see my dad at the rehab center/nursing home on Sunday. While I was there I stopped to visit with my Aunt Mable Stuckey. She turned 100 years old in March. Her eye sight is very poor, and she has a little trouble remembering who people are, but she still has her sense of humor, and I always enjoy visiting with her. She has such a great smile, but when I tried to get her to smile for the picture, she just couldn't do it. It was like she was posing for the picture. I thought it was humorous.

She was concerned or possibly embarrassed (I couldn't tell which) because she went to church at the chapel in the nursing home. She said at the end of the message the pastor was talking about her. He was saying nice things, but she thought it sounded like bragging. I asked my step mother, who was also at the service, if he talked about Aunt Mable. She said, no, but he was talking about another lady named Mable. I can see how she might have gotten confused!

It is sad to see my Dad in such a weakened state. He is such a sweetheart. He wanted to go for a walk with his walker. We almost went too far, as he got really worn out and short of breath. When we got back to the room he asked to have his Oxygen and bi-pap mask put on. I felt bad that we had gone so far. He wanted to show me the physical therapy area.

Dad will be 90 on July 5th. my sister Brenda has posted his address on her blog, and is asking for people to send him birthday cards to encourage him. You can read more about it on her blog
dad's birthday and get the address if you could send a card. I agree with Brenda, I think it would be a great encouragement to him.

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