Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The GGC (Gisel Girl Cousin) Escapades

I think sometimes I am better at poetry than prose. I was trying to think how I could capture the memories of our cousin trip to St. Louis. But my sister, Brenda, has already done a great job, so I think you would enjoy reading it at Brenda's blog. Also, Amy, my niece, who served as our guide, wrote her reflections. However, I did write a little poem, so I will share it here.

It is very special to be a Gisel Girl Cousin,
We number just 2 more than a dozen.
We get together each year,
And one thing is quite clear,
We laugh and laugh till our heads do spin.

St Louis was full of fun things to do and very busy,
Going up in the Arch actually made some of us dizzy.
At Zia's we had pasta galore,
Fitz's root beer floats were to die for!
At the brewery, the Clydesdales did impress me.

The Metrolink was truly an experience to share,
The Jewel Box was peaceful with beautiful flowers so fair.
We love to eat--can you tell?
The Boat House bill of fare was swell.
So much to see at Forest Park, we split up there.

Talking and laughing and sharing is what it's all about,
We look forward to these times, without a doubt.
Many memories to treasure,
Give us much pleasure,
A place to meet next year we must now scout out.

( I tried to upload my picture of a Clydesdale horse, but for some
reason it didn't work) You'll just have to use your imagination)

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