Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Jewel Box

On our recent trip to St. Louis with the Gisel Girl Cousins, we visited a place called The Jewel Box. It was sort of like a green house, but it was arranged so well and with so many different flowers, greenery and trees. I really enjoyed this experience. When we went inside it was so quiet and peaceful. They told us that people often had weddings there. They even had chairs placed around the room in various places so you could just sit and enjoy the beauty and meditate. Of course, having a lot of places we wanted to visit that day, we didn't stay a real long time. (For one thing, the next item on the agenda was lunch, and believe me, food is always a top priority with our group!)

Ok, Ok!! I know I got a little bit carried away with my pictures of flowers. Since I'm retiring soon I thought I'd practice taking pictures, as I might want to do that as my next career!

Seriously though, I really was impressed with the beauty and serene atmosphere of this little place. It was just sort of a refreshing interlude in our day. We did take a couple group pictures there. I hope some of the others enjoyed it as much as I did.

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