Friday, July 4, 2008

In Loving Memory -- A Father's Love

It is almost impossible to portray in words just how much Dad meant to me. I think there are 3 words that would aptly describe him--Upright (integrity), Loving, Friend of God.

Dad accepted the Lord when he was 19 years old, and I believe from that time on he always lived by his convictions. He was honest, just and fair and always wanted to do the right thing. Whether it was a renter, a pastor, or people that worked with him he made sure he treated them fairly. There was never any doubt--his word was good!

"Loving, kind, generous, sweet spirit"--these were words I heard over and over again as I talked to people who came for visitation at the funeral home. He loved the Lord, his family, and his church. Dad had a great smile, and his face always lit up when we would come to see him. He had a great sense of humor, and loved a good story or a quip that could make us laugh. We all remember how he would cut articles out of a newspaper or magazine and send it to us, saying, "I thought you might be interested in this". His latest quip that we heard him say was "I walk pretty slow; my right leg is crooked and my left leg is almost 90!"

He loved our mother and they gave us a wonderful example to follow for a great marriage. After she died, he found love again with Kay; they had more than 19 years together and loved each other very much.

He really loved his grandchildren and faithfully prayed for them. He would write each of them a letter on their birthdays. It got so that we sort of had to interpret his handwriting for them, but it was always special to get a letter from grandpa. When ever I was having challenges with my kids, I always knew their grandpa was praying for them.

In a tribute to dad at his funeral we descibed him as having a humble walk with his God. And that is so true. He lived simply, but he served in many different areas in the church. He gave generously of his time, his talents and his resources and was a "good and faithful servant" for his Lord.

We will miss our dad so very much. In the last weeks of his life he experienced pain and suffering and we are so glad that he is now free from all of that and enjoying life in the presence of the Lord. We are so blessed to have had him as a father and we know we will see him again one day.

Proverbs 20:7 "The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow after them."

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Brenda said...

I am missing Dad today. This would be his 90th birthday. Yes, we were blessed.