Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrating New Life

While I was in Oklahoma City, I had the privilege of visiting (and holding) a new second cousin, Aiden William. He was 5 weeks old, and just a real sweetheart. Me and the babe

Four Generations!
(great-grandparents, Mother & Aiden, Grandparents)

The mother is my second cousin once removed (I think--I never can remember how that works). Leslie is only 18. She made a mistake, as many young people do, and certainly realizes she was blinded by what she thought was love. It turns out the father is really not a good person, and doesn't want anything to do with Leslie or the baby. I had a long talk with Leslie, as I went to see her one day when she was home alone with the baby. (She is living with her parents for now.) She seems very mature and and totally excited about her son. She would say things like, "He's so cute when he puts his hand up like that" and "I love to give him a bath". I think she will be a wonderful mother.

I had dinner that evening with the whole family, and so was able to take a picture of the 4 generations. It was Leslie's idea for us all to get together while I was there, and she planned the meal. (We had delicious taco salad with all the trimmings and wonderful dessert bars.)

As I was holding Aiden, I decided he probably would need at least one more grandmother, so maybe I'll just adopt him!! There is always something wonderful about holding a newborn baby. I thought again about the miracle of life. This baby's birth was no surprise to the Lord, and I know He has a wonderful plan for his life.


Letters From Midlife said...

I'm sure little Aiden can't have enough grandmas in his life! You never know how God will use you as an influence to him.

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

You'll be a wonderful "grandmother" to this little babe. And I'm sure the young mother will appreciate you as well. Enjoyed the great picture of Aidan and you.

beckymc said...

I feel one can nevr have enough grandmas. So I am sure he and his mom will be delighted to have one more.

lookuptoday said...

Donna,just a quick hello before i have to go.I did read about your son and please be assured i have him and you on my prayer list. life sure is tough!! Aiden is adorable and he and mom will be blessed having you as another grandma. who could resist.:) Dee