Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blessed Quietness!

(Disclaimer: This turned out to be longer than I thought it would be, so feel free to skip this one)

Last year I planned our Anniversary weekend. I thought it was wonderful--Bed & Breakfast, sight-seeing, etc. My hubby...not so much! The breakfast wasn't big enough, and he's really not into sight-seeing. So it was definitely less than exciting for him.

RIGHT then, I told him I would let him plan the 2009 anniversary trip. Let me just say, it can be dangerous when you let your hubby make the decisions! We booked a cabin at Chain of Lakes near Albion, Indiana. Originally, I thought to myself, OK, this will be good. A nice little cabin in the woods. Then reality set in. He said we needed to take all of our linens, dishes, and food, pretty much everything we would need. I told him it sounded like camping, and I'm really not into camping. (A nice hotel with a mint on the pillow is more my style!). And the fact that we would be doing the cooking didn't appeal for what was supposed to be a vacation. He insisted it wasn't camping (he said a tent and a sleeping bag is camping!). Being the positive person that I am, I decided this would be a great adventure.

When we arrived at the cabin, about 4 pm on Thursday, I wasn't so much impressed. In fact my first thought was 'you've got to be kidding!' But I was also thinking how lovely it might have been had we gone a week or so earlier; at that time the trees would have been beautiful. When I went inside it was quite cold, and I realized the only source of heat was a wood-burning stove. Every once in a while my husband can be a real comedian; he said, "Do they teach girl scouts to make fires?" I replied they probably did. He said "were you a girl scout?" I said "NO! Building the fire is definitely your department!

They have 18 family cabins there; they also have camp grounds for people with campers. Even though it was cold and rainy, the camping areas were packed with campers! I was surprised, but then realized this was the last weekend it would be open until Spring.

This picture sort of got out of order--which happens sometimes, even when I'm trying to be organized. There was a screened-in porch that had this swing; hubby and I sat out there on Friday and had coffee, even though it rained that entire day! We used it again a couple of times during the weekend.

This is the wood-burning stove, which we kept going the entire weekend. A couple of times it got a little TOO warm, so we would open a door or a window. I really do enjoy a fireplace, and haven't had one since I left Oklahoma; so I began to "warm up" to our little cabin in the woods and enjoy the time away with Lynn and just relaxing by the fire, reading etc. Even though it's hard for me to be away from my computer for 3 days, it was a good time of rest and relaxation. (Also, our cell phones didn't work at the cabin.)

We went out to the big town of Albion on Thursday evening to eat supper, after we got settled and got a fire going. We ate at the Kountry Kitchen, a little family-type restaurant. The food was really good--we had some great fish and home fries.

Lynn did take some work along to do; he has a label maker and made labels for these little drawers in these cabinets--probably 30 small drawers in each one and he had 4 of these little cabinets. He also spent time organizing his thoughts about what all he still needs to buy and pack for his Haiti trip. However, he really was able to relax, and rest, taking several naps. It's good for him to get away as he doesn't relax much at home.

I should have cleaned up a little before I took this picture of our kitchen. We also did have what they called a modern bathroom. It was VERY small but had the essentials--a commode, a sink and a hot shower.

For lunch Friday we went to the Quiet Corner Tea Room. I had been here a couple of times before and love this little place. It was only about 15 minutes from our cabin. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy, and the food was delicious! I had an egg salad sandwich, 9-bean soup and bread pudding--yum! Lynn had chicken salad sandwich with the soup and pumpkin pie. I of course also had the Chai tea, which is their specialty.

A sweet couple, don't ya think?

They have these cute little teapots at various places around the restaurant; I thought this one was worthy of a pic!

This is the lake at Chain of Lakes. It actually had been sunny a little before I took this, but as you can see, it was a bit cloudy. There is just something about water that is always peaceful and relaxing for me.

Lynn and I took a couple walks on Saturday, and I also did a more aerobic walk--about 3 miles. You can just picture how beautiful this might have been a week earlier. As it was, there were lots of fallen leaves to shuffle through.

One thing that we did, both evenings, was look through some old hymn books and sing some of the old hymns. He enjoyed looking at the names of the people who had written them and the copyright dates. We sang several Fanny Crosby songs. That was a really special time of worship and praise for us.

Even though, initially I had my doubts about this weekend, it turned out to be lovely, relaxing, restful, peaceful, and a time when we could just spend time together. My thanks to my hubby for planning a wonderful anniversary


Diana said...

Ahhh Donna this was sweet. It may not have been the dream anniversary trip but it looked very cozy and peaceful. I love the fact that you and hubby sang from the hymnal. I do this occasionally but only by myself when no one is home!
It seems to have turned out good for you both.Just sorry there was no mint on the pillow!
Love Di

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you got away and chose to give the cabin a chance. Quiet Corners is always a great experience, isn't it? (The bean soup sounds REALLY good today!)

I'm proud of you getting in that 3 mile walk! That's impressive. Your pictures are lovely. I always wondered what the insides of those family cabins were like.

Teacher's Pet said...

No WAY I would have skipped reading this, Donna.
This sounded like a heavenly getaway to me. I am just like you.
My idea of camping is Hilton, Embassy Suites, etc....but when I looked at your photos and read about your trip...it sounded like just the MOST relaxing time.
God knew what you needed...:))
I love the swing...loved the places you walked....looked like a great place for a relaxing walk...loved all the leaves everywhere...and the inside of the cabin is GREAT. I am glad that I was able to 'be there' with you through this blog. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Dee said...

Your brave...glad it turned out to be so nice..:) Looks cozy and peaceful. Frank would love something like this. I like the idea of no phone, no computer for a day or two...just you and yours. And yes you two are a sweet couple.

Wanda said...

That was a nice quiet get away at a beautiful lake Donna. Your husband made a good choice. It was nice to have the tea room close by also. I loved that you sang together!

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary to you! It's sweet I think...I'm glad it turned out to be a relaxing restful weekend. The singing together sounds so special.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Sounds like heaven to me...

I especially love the teapot! Off to my own mountain retreat this weekend.


Brenda said...

Donna, You are such a good wife. You could have made another choice in attitude and spoiled this lovely time. Instead you looked for the good and made the time special for both of you. You really do bloom where you are planted! I am proud of you. Blessings, Smiles and Love

Letters From Midlife said...

My hubby and son go camping at that park every summer. Maybe I should go sometime if they agree to get a cabin!

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Donna...It's late Friday night...and I'm still away...(using Dial up....sigh.) but I wanted to thank you for the nice comment on my blog...and wanted to stop in again to say hello to you.
I meant to ask you on my last comment after I read your blog....
What is your favorite old hymn?
There are so many pretty ones.
My Daddy's favorite is "Whispering Hope"...and my Grandmother's Favorite was "It Is Well With My Soul." I like one that probably few people have heard...."Wayfaring Stranger."
Much love to you,

Annie said...

Sounds like what both of you needed...and kudos to you for jumping in and loving every minute!!!
Of course, my idea of 'camping' is like yours...in a nice warm establishment with puffy pillows and quilted bedspread. :)
Happy Anniversary!

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

You are so special, especially as a wife to your dear husband. What a great attitude. I would love a bowl of that 9-bean soup and a serving of bread pudding--my favorites. God bless you and Lynn.