Saturday, January 2, 2010

Choices--A reflection for the new year.

I wrote this poem last February, and I posted it then. I haven't thought about it for many months, but came across it again as I was going through my journal. (True confession--I started journaling again last year about this time, but didn't keep it up--only about 2 months.). As I was thinking about the events of this past year, and some goals for the coming year, it seemed to me that the paths we find ourselves walking through and many of the circumstances we find ourselves in are a result of the choices we've made.

As we begin our journey through 2010, may we seek the Lord's guidance and wisdom in the choices we make.


In God’s perfect plan, He made a way,
For us to make our own choices each day.
Sometimes we chose well, sometimes bad,
We surely often make His heart sad.

So many choices we are allowed to make,
What career we’d like, and what way we’ll take.
Where we will live, city or country,
Who to marry, and who our friends will be.

In some things we have absolutely no control,
We don’t understand, and it grieves our soul.
We would never chose to suffer great loss,
Yet He chose to suffer for us on the cross.

No matter what the circumstance may be,
I know the Lord’s working it for good, you see.
As my love for Him grows greater still,
I chose to seek and follow His will.

So many promises we find in His Word,
When we pray, we will always be heard.
He gives peace and joy, we can’t comprehend,
And for every need, on Him we can depend.

So, I’m making a choice to give Him praise,
I want others to see Christ in me all my days.
Many times I will fail, but He gives strength to the weak,
He will guide and direct me when I listen to Him speak.

Thank you, Lord, for blessings you bestow,
With praise to You, may my heart overflow.
May I be an encouragement to others, I pray,
Help me to serve you joyfully each day.


Bernie said...

Great post and poem Donna, and yes I do agree our whole life depends on the choices we make even to do nothing is still a choice....Hugs

Diana said...

That was a lovely poem Donna. You must have been feeling inspired when you wrote it. It is good to reread it as a nice reminder.
I couldn't remember if I told you how much I admired your work on the family cookbooks. They were really nice. It gave me ideas!
Love Di

Wanda said...

Very nice poem Donna, well worth posting again. Have you written many poems, I think you must have, to be so good at it.

Rebecca said...

You are so gifted in expressing yourself poetically! I share your desire to praise God and encourage others this year.

Happy New Year, Donna. May all your plans, hopes, and heart desires come to fruition.

I'm so happy to have you living close to me.

Annie said...

So beautiful and yes we do sometimes make bad choices but we always have a second chance with God in our lives.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A great focus for a new year--I'm endeavoring to make good choices in keeping with 1 Cor. 6:19-20--my body being a temple of God's Spirit. Already feeling the effects of what that might mean for me...


Leah said...


Your blog is beautiful. Thanks for joining us for Challenge 2010 over at The Point. I am so excited to have you on board. Feel free to invite your readers to join us if you like.

God bless you.