Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Amazing Adventure

Because I'm such a world traveler, I haven't had a chance to post about our wonderful cruise to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, except for the preview of the dolphin experience. I spent the last week in Hilton Head, SC (but that's a story for another time).

My sister Brenda,on her blog "Bee's Nest", has done a fantastic summary of our cruise,so you might check that out, as I can't add much to it. But there were a few things I thought I might share.

On our walking tour of Key West, we not only tasted some great food, but saw some interesting sights. These statues were interesting for me because I had seen a similar display this past summer in Auburn, Indiana with my friend Rebecca. They are done by Seward Johnson. The large one was also on display in Auburn.

On Sunday, on board the ship, they had a "Parade of Nations". There were people from 35 countries working on the ship, and they displayed the flags of their countries.

I was so impressed with the staff and crew members--dining room servers, state room staff, etc. They were absolutely gracious, kind and helpful. They must have excellent training in customer relations. However, even with training, sometimes it's difficult to maintain such a gracious demeanor. I would do well, as a christian woman, to make sure I am that gracious and kind to those I meet, as well as friends and family.

I am so thankful I had this opportunity to share such a wonderful experience with my sisters. It was full of fun, fellowship and food--three important ingredients for any trip!


Diana said...

Hi Donna,
I just came from Brenda's blog and saw all of the photos and the fun.
The parade of nations looked exciting. I remember seeing those statues on Rebecca's blog, they were so realistic! So you were in Hilton Head? My daughter wrote for the paper there for two years before moving back to Raleigh. I heard many stories from her, I think it was a little to slow paced for her!
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

How about that?! Those statues in Key West??? The pictures of the staff with the flags of their nations is impressive! I saw you talking with Carol Kent on Brenda's blog. I want to ask you about that when I see you.

I think all your planning and work beforehand really paid off to create a memorable experience for the three of you! Sorry to hear the snorkeling didn't happen :)

Bernie said...

Love the statues Donna, how beautiful. I so loved reading Brenda's blog and seeing the three of you enjoying "Life" It was wonderful, made me realize how much I missed being so far away from my sisters......:-) Hugs