Friday, October 29, 2010

Lots of Work--Some Play

I went from enjoying a great cruise to lending a helping hand to a friend. However, it involved a road trip of nearly 1000 miles to complete this assignment. In less than 24 hours after I returned to my home from the cruise, I was on my way to Hilton Head Island, SC.

My friend, Judy, and her husband have a condo there in Palmetto Dunes. Judy had helped me when I did some re-modeling at my home, including some very pain-staking wall paper removal. So I agreed to go with her to clean and organize the condo.

There had been some water damage and they had to replace some drywall, tear up carpet, etc. So they had new carpet and hardwood floors installed. Needless to say, everything was dusty. We washed all the bed linens for 3 bedrooms, as well as window curtains. And of course we washed down all the furniture, woodwork, windows and washed all the dishes--lots of them! You get the idea. It was MAJOR fall cleaning!

She also had the overwhelming task of sewing together drapes for two patio doors. We first had to rip out the seams so that she could sew the panels together. Judy sewed three panels together for each door. They had 3 layers, and she sewed each layer individually. When we finished with them Monday morning, including inserting the pleater hooks, and ironing, they fit perfectly. (One of the rods had been installed wrong, but we were able to figure out how to fix it).

Of course all work and no play is just not good. So we did have some fun and relaxing times. We walked along the beach one morning, probably about 2 miles. The weather was great!

One afternoon while she worked on drapes, I relaxed at the pool. The water was perfect, not too cold, the sun was great, and I even spent a little time in the hot tub.

I checked out the time for sunrise one morning, and we got to the beach at the perfect time to watch the sun come up. So beautiful and peaceful.

Sunday morning, after attending church, we had brunch at the "Black Marlin". They had some very interesting entrees. Judy and I had Bananas Foster French Toast, which had a carmelized syrup that was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The gal on the right, also named Judy, was also working on her home that week.

After brunch we headed for Savannah, Georgia, and took a trolley tour of the this beautiful city. Once again, it was terrific weather and we were able to see the wonderful homes and parks in the historic district.

We left early Tuesday morning for the long trip back home, having had some fun as well as leaving the condo clean and decorated and ready to rent. The drive through the Smokey mountains was beautiful (I see I forgot to include a picture, although my pictures couldn't really capture the view.) We got into a rain storm and wind in Kentucky and some tense driving for a while. All in all, it was a productive and fun trip.


Rebecca said...

Donna, that view of sunrise on the beach must have been incredible! The picture makes it look SO beautiful!

I liked your photos of Savannah, too.

Bernie said...

What a wonderful friend you are Donna, and the condo and drapes looks lovely......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Wow Donna, you were so busy! Your photos were wonderful, that sunrise was breathtaking! My daughter Ginny loves Savannah too. I love seeing the old houses. Just beautiful. And what a great friend you are! Love Di ♥

Dee said...

Hi Donna, Between the cruise and trip to S.C. I would say you classify as a world traveller in my part of the country. :) I agree with the others that you are a *good* friend. That was a lot of hard was nice that the Lord provided a beautiful sun rise for you and a sandy beach to relax on.

beckymc said...

Hilton Head is a beautiful place as is Savannah. I am glad you got to enoy the beauty of the south east before you went back. What a great friend you are to help in a time of need. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Brenda said...

Good job, sister. You were kind to go and help work and clean. I am so glad that you also got to play a bit. Life is good.