Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Birthday Celebration

My precious hubby had his 63rd birthday on April 28th. I am not usually one to plan a big celebration, and I thought we would probably just go out to eat with his daughter. However, when we were in Archbold on Sunday (the 27th!) Bob told me that Lynn had made a comment about hoping that 'his girls' were planning something for his birthday. So when I got home Sunday I called Janelle and left a voice mail, saying I thought we could take her Dad out to dinner Monday evening and that I was going to plan a little party at the house. I proceeded to ask some friends at church Sunday night if they could come for cake and ice cream Monday, and several of them said yes.
When I got home from church, Janelle called. She wasn't really at all happy that I had planned a party. (she and her Dad are restoring a '51 truck and they usually work on the truck on Monday nights). She asked who was baking the cake, and I told her Judy Steinman had offered. She said she would have liked to bake the cake, as lemon is her dad's favorite (I already knew that). But basically I thought she decided she wouldn't have time to bake it as she was working Monday.
I stayed home on Monday, as I needed to see the eye doctor about a reaction in my right eye. So besides cleaning, and getting some drinks, etc. ready I decided I would bake a lemon cake so that he would have his favorite. (Judy was going to make a white cake, and I thought it would be good to have both, as some people might not like lemon). So! Everything seemed to be working out.
While we were out for supper Monday, Janelle said, "I called Judy and found out she was making a white cake, so I went ahead and made a lemon cake for Dad" I couldn't believe it! (She called Judy Sunday nite, but didn't call me back and tell me what she was doing). The bottom line--we had 3 cakes for 11 people. However, the evening turned out great. We have a small house, but the men sat in the dining room and the women in the living room and both groups were engaged in lively conversation. Everyone said they really enjoyed it, and I was glad I made the effort. It was a spur-of-the-moment plan which actually worked out well. But since both Lynn and his daughter are definitely 'plan-ahead' type of people, maybe I should start to make plans a little earlier next year!. It is now Saturday, and we are STILL eating cake--but it's absolutely delicious.

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