Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night we went to the wedding of Lynn's nephew Brandon. He got married to Abby, a girl he has dated for quite a long time. (They seem really young, but I think he is 23). It was really a beautiful ceremony and the message was good, emphasizing the only way to have a long happy marriage is to make sure they put God first in their marriage. He used the illustration of a rope of 3 strands; If they only have 2 strands (Abby and Brandon) it will not be strong. But a rope of 3 strands, with God as the 3rd strand, cannot be broken.

They had a small band, and a male soloist, and they played all of the "oldie-but-goody" songs, so that was kind of nice. I was surprised that they didn't have more contemporary music, but I think some of the old love songs never get out-dated.

When I'm at a wedding, I always tend to reminisce about my wedding. It's sort of a time to kind of renew our vows, and think back about our journey together so far. (I know, I know, I'm getting all sentimental!) I feel so fortunate to have a really wonderful second marriage and a great husband. Some people never have a good first marriage, and I've been blessed to have two really good marriages. I am still very much in love, after 2 1/2 years. Some people at church call us the "love birds", I guess because we always hold hands, or maybe they can just see the glow on our faces. (Ok, now I've really gone off the deep end! Forgive me)
The mother of the bride seemed so happy for them. I couldn't help thinking that it is very likely that I will never see my son get married. It is kind of a sad thought. I've always been told how wonderful it is to have grandchildren, and I feel like I will probably miss out on that pleasure.

My prayer for Brandon and Abby is that they will have a wonderful relationship, and always be best friends, as well as lovers.

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