Monday, November 10, 2008

An Amish Getaway

Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, November 5th was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I decided we should get away to relax and rest. (My husband is a workaholic and is always working at something if we're at home). So I booked this bed and breakfast in Nappanee, Indiana. It wasn't a long drive, but far enough away that we could have a mini vacation. So, we left on Friday afternoon, arriving here about 5:00 pm.

Amish Buggy Ride

I had also arranged for us to have an Amish dinner at an Amish farmhouse. When we arrived, the husband took us for a buggy ride before dinner. Even though it was a cold evening, it wasn't really uncomfortable, as the buggy was completely enclosed.

I didn't take any pictures at the dinner, out of respect for our host and hostess. They were an older amish couple. The dinner was delicious--chicken, ham, broccoli-cauliflower salad, rolls with homemade peanut butter or jam, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, home-grown corn, and apple pie. I was stuffed!

I was a little surprised, as I thought the amish had very primitive homes, but their home was beautiful. It was decorated beautifully, and they had gas lights on the ceiling that also heated the rooms. I was very impressed.

Home of Jumbo Jelly Beans

On Saturday we decided to do a little sight-seeing (actually I decided and he went along with it). We were headed to Shipshewana, but stopped first in a little town called Wakarusa, which has a dime store that is famous for it's jumbo jelly beans. They have all different flavors, and they really are big jelly beans. They also have other nostalgic candies from the past. We bought some jelly beans and taffy and a few other candies.

Do I need a hat?

By the time we got to Shipshewana it was cold and windy. We stopped first at Yoder's, a big store that has a hardware store with all kinds of interesting things you don't often see other places. I shopped and Lynn sat in a Rocking Chair to read and chill. What a trooper! Then we went downtown where they have all kinds of craft shops and specialty shops. I decided to try on a hat for size, and he thought it warranted a picture!

We ate lunch in Shipshewana and then headed back to the Bed and Breakfast. Both of us were tired so we took a nap. We read a little while and then went to Amish Acres for dinner. It is an Amish Farm that has a barn restaurant, a round theatre, and some shops. We thought about going to the play after dinner (they were doing "It's a Wonderful Life" ), but it was a little pricey so we decided against it. Back at the B & B he read a little while, and I watched some TV.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, we headed home. It was raining, or sort of a mix of rain and snow for a little while. We stopped in Ft Wayne, at Lowe's, as Lynn needed to get some things. Then we went to Texas Road House for a steak dinner to finish off our weekend.

We had a good relaxing time, but it's always good to be back home! Lynn thanked me for planning our little getaway, as he really did have time to relax and read, something he doesn't take time to do very often. In spite of rainy, cold weather we had a good time.


Gina said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Congratulations on your anniversary.

lookuptoday said...

Hi, Frank and i had our anniversary on the 7th. I have been by Nappanee but never stopped. We may try the bed and breakfast some time. Glad you had a nice getaway, sounds like you had a good time.I will be home on monday. I am still in Illinois.:) Dee