Monday, March 9, 2009

Saying "Yes"

I am participating in a Bible study group and we are going through this very thin book called "What Happens When Women say 'Yes' to God". I would never have guessed that this book could have so much practical information about having a deeper relationship with the Lord.

One of the things I've been trying to do in my devotions is just to ask the Lord to bring people to my mind that I can encourage or help in some way. Now that I'm retired I feel at least, in part, it is sort of my purpose right now to encourage or help where I can.

Fridaymorning I felt like the Lord brought 3 names to my mind. One is a relative of Lynn's who has pulmonary fibrosis. She is not doing very well right now, and I don't think she's getting a lot of help from her family. Another one is a man in our church who has Leukemia, and is currently very weak and seems to be going down hill. The third was a man who just had surgery to have a kidney removed because of cancer and is at home recuperating.

I decided to take a meal to Jan, Lynn's relative and a meal to John and Cindy, the man with Leukemia. I knew that our Sunday School class had taken some meals to Gary and Bev, the man who had surgery, so I just thought I would take some cookies and visit.

I made a chicken recipe that I got from my sister Lou; it is really good and has a chicken soup gravy. It is baked in the oven. Then I made mashed potatoes, a broccoli slaw salad and cookies to complete the meal. I took enough for Jan and her family. She is on oxygen 24/7. I had a visit with her and got an update on how she is doing. Then I went out to see John and Cindy and took them a meal. I also visited with them for a little while. I took the cookies to Gary and Bev. (I had gone to be with Bev at the hospital when Gary had his surgery). He said he loves cookies. She gave me a hug and thanked me for being there during his surgery. She had told me I didn't need to go, but I felt like I should go anyway. She said "I know I told you I didn't need you to come but I'm so glad you did".

I went home and served the same delicious meal to my hubby. I felt like I had followed what I believed was the Lord's direction. Lisa, the author of our book says, "even if what you feel is God's leading really isn't his direct leading, if it's something good that you're doing, it will always be OK." (I don't know if that was an exact quote, but that was the idea).

For now, I will continue to look for ways that I can be an encouragement to others. Even if it isn't God's direct leading, it makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.


Gina said...

You are a good friend and even more a servant of God. This is how he shows His love...reaching out to those who are in need. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to have that recipe. It would be great to post in our family recipe blog. I am always looking for recipes for food that travels well to take to people who need it.

Dee said...

Bless you. You are not just a hearer of the word but a doer. your an ^i^ angel. Dee