Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Is Scary!

As is my usual routine, the other day I made coffee, prepared my cup with a little milk in it, and went to brush my teeth while it brewed. (It seems to take longer to brew if I'm standing there waiting on it)

I poured my coffee, brought it in and put it on the stand by my recliner, and sipped on it while I started checking e-mail on my computer. But, as is also very common, I got busy on the computer and my coffee got cold. S0-o-o, time to go get another cup.

What is this? It is the filtered water that we keep in the frig. All of the sudden I found myself by the frig, with my coffee cup in position, starting to get some water! What? No, No, Donna! You were coming for coffee!

I poured out the water, filled my cup with coffee, added cream, and came back to my recliner and computer.

I once again placed my cup of coffee on my table, but made sure I spent a little time enjoying it, before working on the computer again.

Oh my goodness! I'm way too young for these things to be happening! Just thought it might be encouraging to anyone who has had a similar experience.

One of the best old-age forgettfulness stories I've heard was from my Dad. I don't know if it actually happened, or if he was just sharing his wonderful sense of humor; but he said, "I was on my way upstairs, and sat down to rest a minute; when I got back up, I couldn't remember if I was going up or coming back down".

To those of you too young to truly appreciate these things, you will probably be able to relate some day.


Wanda said...

Well Donna, welcome to the club. I usually get to enjoy my hot coffee, but with me, I seem to always get interrrupted or side lineed when I brew a cup of tea. I have actually forgotten it, while it's still brewing. I better go check now, you never know!

Diana said...

Oh Donna, these things happen all the time to me. The worse one is when I walk into the pantry. I always walk into the pantry and I have to stand in there turning in circles, trying to figure out what I came in there for! There is just so much stuff in there that I get confused. Almost everyday.
Love Di

Gina said...

I am laughing out loud Donna, this has been happening to me a lot. The worst is house cleaning, I'll start in one room and then find myself with three rooms torn apart.

Bernie said...

Donna, I have had my share of these moments myself. I think it's completely normal, loved the story your dad told you......:-) Hugs

Rebecca said...

What's wrong with me?! I'm SURE I'm too young to "truly appreciate this" and yet I can totally relate!

(You KNOW I'm jesting! This happens ALL the time to me, too.) Your honest sharing makes me feel better somehow.

Brenda said...

This started happening to me when I was twelve--I think. Loved the photo and seeing your little Smore roasting his hot dog. Those are good memories.

Dee said...

Well..I feel better now after reading this. :-)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh, honey, I'm still finding cups in hidden corners where I left them...

days ago.

You walk in good company.