Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A birthday visit

My son, Tim, lives in Oklahoma City, which is approximately 1000 miles away from my home in Indiana. So I try to go visit him about every 2 months when possible.

My mother-in-law (from my first marriage), Tim's grandma, also lives in OKC. She is 87 years old. She is nearly blind and has a hearing aid; but she continues to live alone in her own home. She gets along amazingly well. However, on Friday ( the 8th), she tripped on her own feet and fell. She didn't initially tell anyone--she is fiercely independent; and she said that Friday and Saturday her side was hurting but it was tolerable. Tim has been going to see her every Sunday; when he got there on that Sunday (the 10th) she was grimacing and moaning and in severe pain. He said he'd never seen her that way before. He immediately took her to the Emergency Room, where they found she had bruised ribs and one fractured rib on the right. Tim stayed with her that night and has been staying with her ever since. I know she has really appreciated his help, as well as just having his companionship.

An added benefit for Tim, is that grandma has been teaching him how to cook. He made a delicious taco soup; and he is now making eggs over-easy every morning for breakfast. So maybe now when he gets back to his own apartment he'll be able to have more meals at home. I think he's actually enjoying doing some cooking.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I cannot even believe it--but I forgot to take my good camara. These were taken on my phone camara. I left on Thursday the 14th to go visit Tim and "G-Ma". In spite of her injury, we had a great visit. On Sunday, she was able to go with us for dinner at my cousin's house, to celebrate Tim's birthday. I think she was glad to get out for a little while.

Tim really wanted a computer, so G-ma and I got him one for his birthday. He is very excited to be able to catch up on technology. He is on facebook, and has just enjoyed 'surfing the net'.

I HAD to include a picture of our sweet little Aiden. He is the great-grandson of my first cousin by marriage; I never can figure out what that makes him to me--maybe a 3rd cousin. Maybe some of you geneology buffs can help me out. Anyway, he's a sweetheart, but he fell asleep before dinner, so this was the best picture I could get.

I know many of you know a little about Tim's background and challenges. I am just so very much encouraged, as he is seemingly doing very well: complying with probation, has worked part-time for a man who has a moving company, spending time with his G-ma, and going to church. Spiritually, he seems strong, for which I am very thankful.

It's always good to go visit; it's also wonderful to be back home. Now I need to get back into my routine of exercise, proper eating, etc. I am just so thankful for the blessing of a relationship restored with my son.


Wanda said...

I remember your concerns for your son Donna, you must be so thankful for his progress. It's nice that you can visit, especially for his birthday and it's good he is there to help his grandmother...good for him and her!

Diana said...

You know the old saying Donna," It doesn't matter where you roam, it's always nice to be back home". It's so good to hear that Tim is doing so well now and I pray that it continues. Also so sorry to hear about his gram. She sounds amazing however and doesn't sound like the type to let a few ribs get her down for long! Love Di

Brenda said...

It does my heart good to read this post. I am glad for the happy time that you had in OKC. It is so great that Tim can help care for his Grandma and that he is doing so much better.

Rebecca said...

Thankful WITH you, Donna. Was sorry to hear of "Grandma's" fall - but can see some of the good that has come out of it.

Did that birthday cake TASTE as good as it looks??? Even with the cell phone pictures, it caught my eye.

Glad you're "back home again in Indiana."

Donna's Book Nook said...

Yes, the cake was an ice cream cake, and it was very good!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thank you for the update on Tim and on G-ma. So glad they've got one another and that you were able to be with them recently! I've followed this story for a bit now and it sounds as if things are moving along for Tim. For that I am grateful. Restoration to both body and soul takes a long season. God is faithful to keep to it as we are faithful to press into his healing touch. I pray for Tim this day, and as the Lord prompts, to keep faithful to God.

Thanks for sharing.


Dee said...

It is good to see God still working faithfully in Tims life. I hope I will be able to be as independent as grandma if the Lord lets me reach her age. Hopefully Tim did not get scared by the hello's from some of us blogger buds. What a wonderful gift of a computer for Tim. He is a lucky boy to have you and grandma.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I'm so happy your son is adjusting well and doing well. Such an answer to prayer.

Annie said...

So good to hear of your son finding his place in the world...you must be so proud of him!!! And how awesome that he is taking care of his grandma!!! Hope he had a great birthday and enjoys his laptop.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Hey Donna,

If possible would you re-post your Challenge 2010 Verse 3 tomorrow when the Verse 3 post is up? I would like to have all the verse 3 verses on the same post. Thanks.

Looks like you had a great visit with your son.