Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alpaca Extravaganza!

What a morning! I've had several little adventures lately, and this would definitely qualify as an adventure. I had no idea there were so many alpacas in our area, and so many different kinds! Erin's family were showing Suri alpacas. They had 2 black and one beige. Their son, Ben, showed a huacaya brown alpaca for one of their neighbors, I think to give Ben experience in the ring. (He is a very cute 12 y/o).
Erin with Flashback
(the one her dad showed)

Flashback got a 1st place blue ribbon

Erin showing her small black Suri female

You can't see Erin or her alpaca real well. There were 13 animals in her class, and she was in the back row. The big guy in front kept getting in the way, so I had a hard time getting her picture. But you can see the alpaca she is showing is much smaller than some of the others.

(Erin, Emily, Sandy and Mike)

I wanted to get a picture of the whole family. However, Ben and Elizabeth (the youngest) were nowhere to be found at that moment. This is the alpaca that Ben showed. They were all laughing because just as I was getting ready to take the picture the alpaca decided to show his better side!

It was a really fun morning and Erin was very pleased that I came to see her. She said, "Sorry I didn't get a ribbon". I assured her that it wasn't her fault, and more likely because there were so many animals in her group. She said sometimes they divide the big groups, but they opted not to do that today. This was one more memory to share with my cute little mentoree (is that a word?).


Brenda said...

Erin is sweet! I would have loved to watch as well!

Rebecca said...

You are a terrific "mentor"! Erin is blessed to have you in her life. There are a lot of llamas, too. A gal in our church does a lot with 4H kids & their llama projects.

Dee said...

I LOVE alpacca's Their is a lot of alpaccas around here and people who spin and knit with their wool. Dee