Friday, April 24, 2009

Update: A Son's Advocate

I am still in Oklahoma City but I stopped by the library to check my e-mail and look in on my blog. There were 21 new blogs for me to read, so I haven't taken time to totally catch up.

I want to thank all of you who have prayed for the situation with my son. I was a little frustrated on Wednesday, as I never got to talk to his lawyer. I did leave him a message, and the secretary said he did get it.

I went to his office at 8:15 Thursday morning, and was able to talk to him a few minutes before court. I watched the proceedings; he said he would keep me informed.

The bottom line is: the lawyer applied for a community service sentence which is a form of probation. They won't know if he was approved for that until his next court date. It is not a guarantee. The lawyer tried to get a court date in May, but the judge said the next available date was June 15th. His lawyer said Tim would like to be "bonded out" if possible until the next court date. I really wanted to do that, as he would have been out and I would be able to see him. Normally when you pay bail, you pay 10% of the bail that has been set. However, since I do not live here and no one locally to co-sign, I would have had to pay the entire amount--$18000!!. So that option was no longer open.

I talked to Tim today for about 30". He understood about the bail, and said he's doing Ok; doesn't want me to worry about him. We had a nice conversation. He asked for me to send him a list of our relatives so that he can pray for them individually.

I was initially disappointed. But I firmly believe the Lord is in control. He will work this out for the best for Tim and for His glory. Thank you so much for your prayers.


Joan said...

I was catching up on my blogs and read your last 2 posts. I'm so sorry. I pray that God will use this time to be alone with your Son. That your son will feel God presence with him. I pray that the judge will see the truth and be fair.

I pray for you to have peace also at this time.
Hugs and Blessings

Brenda said...

I have been praying for you often these past few days. I know that Cousin Rita is praying as well. I am so sorry about all of your disappointments. I am thankful that you had a good visit with Tim. Blessings,

Dee said...

Donna, I still am supporting you in prayer. Dee

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh Donna, my heart goes out to you today. You are carrying a difficult load right now; one I cannot begin to offer you "I understand." How could I? I do understand your need for prayer, so I will be praying for you and your son.

Let me know if there is anything more specific I can do.


Dee said...

Just stopping in to let you know i am still praying for you and your son. Dee