Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ongoing Barn Saga

OK, I'll admit it! My curiosity just got the best of me. I hadn't been up to the farm in over a week, and I just had to see how the barn demolition (for lack of a better word) was progressing. I knew they were predicting rain for today, but at 8:00 am it wasn't raining and didn' look imminent, so I headed for Archbold.
The side facing the house
(I still get directions a little confused)
South side?
(the bottom part of this side is still there)

North side? (toward the road)

As you can see, the roof is entirely off. There are still some beams standing. They were working on getting them down today. In the first picture you can see one of the guys in the forklift--they were lifting him up to try to loosen or saw the cross beam on that side.

It was really cold!! I don't know how these 2 guys could stand to be out there working. My hands were frozen just being outside a few minutes to take pictures. I went in the house and made some coffee just to warm up.

I didn't stay very long--maybe 30 minutes. The rain started to fall just as I made it back home. I stopped in Ft. Wayne at Walmart and then went to the fitness center to work out. I came home and had a salad and chicken breast (I'm still doing OK on my diet!).

The rain is rather cold and depressing (we've had so much of it). I thought my best plan of action for the afternoon was to sit in my recliner, blog, read, have some green tea, and rest.


Rebecca said...

I like your plan for the afternoon! Sounds like you had a busy day and "deserve" a break. How about a cup of hot tea?

Brenda said...

Those pictures are incredible. Next time, the barn will probably be gone.

Dee said...

Happy to hear you are still doing good on your diet. I am soooo very close to committing myself to starting. The recliner, a blog or two and a good book with a warm beverage is near to heaven on earth, especially after a barn trip and a work out on a cold rainy day. :-) Just want to add that your word verification says..imalite You definately are a light to many. Dee

Joan said...

You Go Girl! Keep that ticker moving. Together with God we can do all things.