Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Great Workout

My dad passed away last June, and it is now time for the 4 of us kids to close out the estate. My dad owned a farm; some of you may know this, as I have previously posted pictures of our barn being torn down. It was in bad condition and they were able to salvage oak beams etc. So now we are getting ready to sell the farm at an auction.

Hard at work

When you own property, there is always upkeep involved. The grass had gotten very long, even though my hubby had mowed it 2 weeks ago. I had to set my mower up a notch higher to even get through the grass.
My wonderful hubby

Notice what a neat job he does--a perfect rectangle to mow around. I seem to always end up with very odd-shaped sections to mow.

At any rate, it took us 2 hours to mow the yard with both of us mowing. (Actually, Lynn had trouble with his mower, so he had to spend some time fixing it and also he started burning some brush, so he wasn't mowing quite the full 2 hours.

Needless to say, this morning I feel like an old woman. Even with ibuprofen, my legs are stiff and achy. I had started exercising and working out, and thought I should be in better shape!

Oh yes! A side note. To those of you who watched the progress of our barn coming down via pics on my blog, I thought I needed a final picture to have closure on this. It's very anti-climatic, as it is now just a bare piece of ground. It really changes the way the whole place looks, and in retrospect, it was kind of sad to see it all gone.

Hopefully, our farm land and property will sell on May 16th. It's been an interesting and nostalgic time, but it is time to move on. So we will bid farewell to the old homestead.


Brenda said...

Thank you for all that you and Lynn have done to clean and mow and fix! We still have the sale next Saturday. I am looking forward to being with all of my siblings again! I praise God for you!

Joan said...

Praying for a successful auction and for rest for you.

Happy Mother's Day

Rebecca said...

Your legs have a RIGHT to be achy! I see a lot of work and energy poured out. If your parents could see/DO see, they must be smiling on the faithfulness of their children. Thanks for chronically the journey. I remember your homeplace well.

Rebecca said...

Oops! I DO know how to spell chronicling (or at least my spell check does)....I just don't know how to edit a post once it's gone.

Gina said...

Boy, that looks like a lot of hard work. It is sad to see changes in our lives like what you and your family have had. I will pray that all goes well.

Letters From Midlife said...

I'm sure it has been a mixed blessing...getting things ready to sell while remembering good times.

beckymc said...

Look's like y'all did some hard work around the farm. I will be praying for a successful auction.