Friday, May 8, 2009

A Young Lady gets Honors

Once again I was privileged to be a part of what is important in Erin's life. As most of you know, she is the student that I am mentoring through a program in our church called the "Titus Project"--so named for the verse that talks about the older ones teaching the younger.

Last Sunday, Erin was inducted into the National Honor Society at her school. To qualify you need to demonstrate leadership and be involved in service, as well as being a good student.

Being "pinned" by her mother

Erin was surprised that I came to the ceremony. I said, of course I would come; I was very happy for her to be honored in this way. I could tell it meant a lot to her

It was a bit nostalgic, as I remembered being inducted into NHS when I was a senior. Yes, I CAN remember back that far! I think I still have my pin somewhere in the archives.

I'm glad they still have this way of honoring students who are doing the right things. We hear so much about what young people are doing wrong. It's great to know that many of them are very responsible and doing what's right.


Gina said...

She is so blessed to have a friend like you. What an honor for her and her family!

Rebecca said...

I believe God smiles on the investment of time and activity you are making in Erin's life. Your example inspires me.