Monday, February 1, 2010

Friendship is a Treasure

My sister-in-law, Annette, shared this with me, and I thought it was really appropriate for my blog. I know that I haven't met many of the women who read and comment on my blog, but I consider them friends. We share things that good friends share. So I wanted to pass on this poem about friends.

Friendship is sincerity, wrapped up in a smile,
A corner of tenderness shared for a while.
It's a niche in the heart, that is suddenly filled;
A deep-seated longing, discovered and stilled.
It's a hand on the shoulder when problems increase,
A sharing of laughter, a heart filled with peace.

A milestone that brightens each step of the way,
Like a beautiful thought at the start of the day.
It's deep understanding, a thoughtful reply,
A glance shared in secret, a wink of the eye.

Friendship is that rarest of treasures to hold,
It cannot be purchased with mountains of gold.
It's being protective when hope tumbles down,
A fault that's forgiven, a smile for a frown.
Encouragement offered when the goin is rough;
It's a hand set to help when the job is too tough.

Friendship is the essence of faith, deep and strong.
It's a poem unwritten, a beautiful song.
Alice Leedy Mason

Those of us who have friends like this are truly blessed. Thank you Lord, for the friendships you've given me.


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I agree. Friendships are so precious when we find the ones that are lasting.

Wanda said...

I certainly count you among my friends Donna. Enjoyed the friendship poem.

Bernie said...

I have always believed that to have a friend one must be a friend. Your post describes it so very well and yes we have made really good friends through blogging......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

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Dee said...

Donna, I am proud to call you my (friend). I cherish each of my friends and feel blessed the lord has placed them in my life. Some from early child hood. Thank you for sharing the lovely poem.

Rebecca said...

Isn't that a beautiful poem?! True friends overlook a multitude of weaknesses. Thanks for being MY friend.