Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a Note

I admit this is a bit humorous, but nevertheless, I wanted to post a tribute to letter writing. I'm dedicating this post to Cindy at Letters from Midlife, as I know she truly believes we should not lose the art of sending letters and notes by snail mail. I always enjoy getting a personal note or card in the mail.

This is a poem that was passed on to me by a fellow "senior". I'm sure it will be mostly appreciated by those of us who have a "senior moment" now and then.

Just a note to say I'm living, that I'm not among the dead
Though I'm getting more forgetful and mixed up in the head
I got used to my arthritis, to my dentures I'm resigned.
I can manage my bifocals, but gosh I miss my mind!

For sometimes I can't remember, when I stand at the foot of the stairs,
If I must go up for something, or have I just come down from there?
And before the fridge so often, my poor mind is filled with doubt,
Have I just put food away, or have I come to take some out?

So if it's my turn to write you there's no need for getting sore,
I may think that I have written and don't want to be a bore.
Just remember that I love you and wish that you were near.
Now it's nearly mail time so I must say goodbye my dear.

Here I stand beside the mailbox with a face so very red!
Instead of mailing you my letter, I have opened it instead!


Dee said...

LOL. I LOVE this! I can tell this will keep me chuckling all day. :) I could sign my name to that letter. Thanks Donna for my todays smile.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I love this too! Thank you for dedicating it to me. lol!

Bernie said...

Oh I like this poem...(grins)
A great way to start my morning.
........:-) Hugs

Dee said...

Donna, I am glad you like my photos of old houses and churches. I don't know why I never thought to take pictures and post to my blog before... I guess it is kind of like when I began to show my doodles, they were just something I do. In my area are a lot of these old homes. This area is most all farm land with the farms being past from third and fourth generations. There are a lot of tiny towns that are almost ghost towns all around me with a wealth of old buildings. I have always felt drawn to them. I have quite a few I plan on putting on my blog. I also have some neat Church photos for Sundays but I am at the mercy of Betsy's connetions. :) I would encourage you to look for these homes and take photos to share on your blog. It helps one to look at the world with diffrent eyes. With the doodles as proof, I think I have always done that but was not aware till I began to blog.

Wanda said...

I think I will copy this cute poem into a handwritten letter to my sister! Enjoyed it Donna!

Diana said...

I love this poem Donna, I have a copy of it somewhere. I love writing letters too but unfortunately I am limited from the arthritis.
Love Di

beckymc said...

Donna I love it!!!lol

Annie said...

This was great!!! I am sending this one to my mom for a chuckle!!! Thanks! Also thanks for all your encouraging comments on my blog recently. I really appreciate your support and your thoughtful words. They have helped immensely!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...


Love Cindy. She just sent me some beautiful note cards with the challenge of using them this month! I plan on doing just that and hopefully, not opening them myself.