Monday, February 15, 2010

Of Mice, Women and Cars

I had pretty much decided that, at my mature age, there was nothing I hadn't heard about before, in some form at least. However, I was sitting in my recliner, with my laptop, just enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon, when my hubby came in with this very strange look on his face. He said, "Donna, I have to tell you something". (he seemed so serious and tentative). He proceeded to say "you've had a mouse in your car". OK! So NOW maybe I've heard everything. I thought at first he was trying to pull my leg, but I should have known better. As much as he likes fun, he wouldn't have thought this one up on his own.

He proceeded to explain that he (being the good hubby that he is) had taken my new license sticker tag out to put it on my car, and then was going to put the registration in the glove box. When he opened the glove box, there were bits of paper torn up, a pair of gloves eaten through with many holes, and mouse dirt! He found a little place in the carpet that the mouse had eaten through. (Although I still don't totally understand it, he explained where the little opening is that the mouse came through).

Now, mind you, I've had my share of experiences with mice. And I felt I was fairly objective about them. After all, I didn't get all emotional at the sight of one. In fact, when my hubby and I were cleaning my dad's house, we caught many mice--once even catching two mice in the same trap! But I digress. All of this to say, it was kind of freaking me out that I was driving around with a mouse in my car!

Lynn had of course cleaned up my car and glove box. (Did I mention--I'm really thankful for a wonderful hubby who looks out for me!) He said he would set a mouse trap in my car overnight.

Sunday morning, I am once again relaxing in my recliner with a cup of coffee. Hubby comes in, with sort of a half smile on his face and said, "Well we caught your mouse!". I couldn't believe it! My next thought was, "I wonder how many friends and family he has?!" I encouraged Lynn to set some traps in the garage, as that is where my car is always parked; so surely this mouse had to be in the garage, before he found my car.

I slept in a little bit this morning, but when I got up there was a sticky note on the table where I usually sit to eat breakfast. It said "There was no mouse in the trap in your car this morning. Maybe there was only one. Your lover".

I got up in time to see him off to work this morning. He was kind of laughing, and said, well at least the mouse story will give you material for your blog. What was he thinking? It's hardly worth mentioning!


Dee said...

Donna, That is so funny :) I can just see a twinkle in your husbands eyes as he wrote the note to you then told you it would be good blog material. He was right! To add...good thing that little mouse did not pop out at you when you were driving.!!!

Wanda said...

Hey Donna, I relate to your post!
I had a mouse in my van and like you I have a husband that takes good care of me and our vehicles!

He caught the mouse with a trap also...we're soooo lucky!

Diana said...

Well I have never hears such a story! I hope that will be the end of your mousecapades! Love Di

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Too funny. Don't you love it that life can still come up with the unexpected or unheard of? lol

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Can you imagine that mouse jumping in your lap while driving? Oh dear, the thought of that gives me chills and screams and terror all at one time!

Never heard of such a happening, but then again, your hubby was right... great blog material.


Bernie said...

Donna I have never heard of a mouse in a car before....oh I don't know what I would do as I have never set a mouse trap even.
So glad your hubby was there to deal with it.......:-) Hugs

Brenda said...

That is a great story. Oh my. You are pretty tough. Even so, I bet you will think of it every time you get in the car--at least for awhile. Try singing at the top of your lungs as you enter the vehicle. It worked for Lowell and I.

Doesn't it crack you up when your hubby suggests a blog story? My hubby seldom reads my blog, thinks it is amusing that I entertain myself by writing posts, and yet suggests post material with some frequency. Now that is amusing to me.

anupama said...

Dera Dona,
Good Evening!
humrous and interesting post!I loved it!
After reading your comment in Diana's post,I know exactly what you go through in life.
Time heals the wounds,but not fully.
My prayers are with you.Those who are dearer to God,leave this earth early.
you and your Darling Daughter are in my prayers.
Love and hugs,
Wishing you a lovely and peaceful night,

Rebecca said...

How did I miss this? So there have been no more mice tracings??

Thanks again for this morning. You're a trooper!

Annie said...

What a great story and a great husband!!! And yes, it did make a wonderful blog post!

Andrea said...

Bless you! YIKES..a mouse! I would rather have a black bear in my car than a mouse.
Just joined to follow your blog and look forward to getting to know you.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

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