Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Window of Opportunity and Beauty

I woke on Monday morning to a dusting of snow
It gave our humble country dwelling a fluffy white glow.

The sun was coming up, so I seized the day,
Before this winter scene would melt away.

The fence looked like an intricate needle-work crochet
I had never seen it look quite this way.

I could have blown this fluff a way with a puff of air
It looked so fragile as I gazed on it there.

It was quiet and peaceful, with hardly a breeze,
But alas, I must get inside before I freeze.

Though my pictures don't compare to Moments of Mine,
I so much enjoyed this glimpse of God's design.

According to predictions, we're in for much more snow,
I wish I had a fireplace, to enjoy it's warm glow.
But not to worry, with a good book and a cup of tea,
Comfy and cozy in my recliner, I surely will be.


Wanda said...

You are a Grand Poet...thanks for mentioning me...you know now, I have to copy, paste and print this, then frame it for my wall.
It really is a wonderful poem, Donna. The snow scenes are beautiful...the small bush, the fence and the closeup were special.
We may get 7 more inches, it's snowing now! Stay warm Donna!

Bernie said...

Donna, your pictures are really beautiful and I agree Wanda's are always beautiful. Love your poem and I am wishing you a warm day with your cup of tea as you read your book......Enjoy your snow day my friend.......:-) Hugs

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

The photos are beautiful! I love seeing everything frosted like that.

Diana said...

I love your photos Donna and your poetry! The snow is so beautiful when we don't have to leave the house! Well it's still beautiful, oh you know what I mean!
Love Di

Brenda said...

Your photos are beautiful. I especially like the fence and tree. I am looking out on our snowfall and thinking I must grab my camera and go outside. It is hard to capture the beauty.

Rebecca said...

Donna, I'm so jealous. I saw a similar sight on my way to Meijer Monday morning! I'd left my phone (with its camera) charging at home and had no way to take pictures. By the time I got home it had melted and was no more!

I really like your poetry, too!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We're expecting a dusting tonight; so is much of the south!

Praying your eyesight returns in clearer measure soon. This must be frustrating for you. Glad you returned to the dr. for some affirmation.

I especially love the picture of the fence!