Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Auburn Art

I had the pleasure of going to Auburn last week with blogger (and real) friend, Rebecca, to see the Sculptures on the Square. It is an exhibit of life-sized sculptures (and one very large sculpture), done by Seward Johnson, placed at different places around downtown Auburn. They are made of cast bronze, but some things--especially the shoes, belts, even some of the clothing--looks very real.

(I went to see the sculptures, but there were also many beautiful flowers around the town. This was a flower bed in front of the Presbyterian Church. )

This was the most impressive sculpture, mostly because of it's size. It was called "Turn of the Century". Rebecca and I estimated it to be about 25 feet tall. You can get some idea of the size by comparing Rebecca's height to the sculpture.

I don't think Rebecca can quite fill the shoes of this man! The heel of the shoe is all the way back to her other foot.

We thought this man needed some help with his trash cleanup. It was called "Aftermath".

This sculpture, called "Uninvited Advice" shows an artist painting the Auburn library. It's a unique building, and you can see the actual library in the photo below. It made me think that
the painting on the sculpture can probably be changed, depending on where it is exhibited.
(the painting can be seen by enlarging the photo)

"My Dog Has Fleas"
Does anyone remember having a Ukelele, and tuning it with those 4 notes? Do you tune a guitar the same way? At any rate, it was a unique title for this sculpture.

There were 14 sculptures displayed. It was fun to see all the detail and how life-like some of them were. Afterwards, we had lunch had a quiet little restaurant (I forgot to take a picture of it). It was a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.


Brenda said...

What a treat! I would love to see the sculptures. For awhile, there was a large sculpture by Seward Johnson in Chicago. I think there is still a smaller one at the Presidential Towers. How fun to see so many in one place. Sounds like a wonderful day for you and Rebecca.

Bernie said...

These are great pictures, loved seeing both of you and also enjoyed these sculptures. Wishing you many more great days of summer
......:-) Hugs

beckymc said...

Looks like y'al had lots of fun. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Diana said...

Oh yes I had a ukulele and remember "My dog has fleas" very well!
The sculptures really did look very lifelike. If you didn't tell us what they were (except for the huge one) I wouldn't know that they weren't real people!
Love Di ♥

Dee said...

Great statues!!! Looks like you had a grand day with wonderful company.:-)

Rebecca said...

Donna, how did I miss this? These pictures came out really good! Wasn't it a fun day? (I was back in Auburn Saturday with my hubby for a garden walk - And Sandra Dee's, too! We're keeping them in business!)