Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Terrific Goalie!

Recently I went with my sister Lou and hubby Rog to Michigan. The real purpose of our trip was to attend a memorial service for a cousin who had battled cancer for several years. The service was in Ann Arbor.

However, that afternoon we stopped in Chelsea, Michigan to see some of Lou's friends, and to see their son Brian and his wife, Sharice, and T.J. (high school senior). T.J. was attending a hockey clinic there. It was almost imperative that we stay long enough to watch him play in the hockey game.

It was held here, at the Arctic Coliseum, which is really sort of impressive. It has two full ice rinks and has a restaurant on the upper level. You can watch the games or activities while you eat.

Sharice, Lou, Rog and Brian (and I) enjoyed visiting prior to the game. OK--either Brian is really tall or Lou is really short!

T.J. is a goalie and is really good. He's played hockey for several years, I believe. Below is a short video clip. This is my first attempt to post a video, so hopefully it turned out OK. There is a brief space where it's just ice--must have been an amateur photographer!

It was great to get to see him play. I had seen him since he was quite a bit younger. I know Mom, Dad, G-Ma and G-Pa are very proud of him!


Bernie said...

You took a sad event and made it into a happy memory. Oh and I love hockey.....:-) Hugs

Wanda..... said...

Sports for young people have changed so much over the years. I have a grandson that plays soccer, sometimes it's indoors in nice places.

Diana said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cousin Donna. But I am glad that you were able to visit with long time friends too. Hockey is so exciting!
Love Di ♥

Brenda said...

Oh my, Brian does look large. The picture made me chuckle. I wish that I could have tagged along. It was fun to see TJ also.