Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friends and Flowers

So much to post--So little time! I've had several interesting and fun activities lately, so I'll just start, one at a time. My husband has been out of the country, and you know what they say--While the mouse is away...

I like to go visit my friend Naomi, in Terre Haute, whenever I can. She is 75 y/o and is wheel-chair bound. She doesn't have many people to visit with, and misses her very good friend in Oklahoma (they used to talk every day), so I always feel like I will be an encouragement to her. Actually, I usually come away from our visits being encouraged by her. In spite of her circumstances (and 2 daughters that think they know what's best for her!) she maintains a positive attitude. We discuss the news, the state of the country and the Bible. She loves the Lord and so we always have good fellowship.

I was able to stay with my husband's brother and his wife overnight. They have a lovely home and a beautiful flower garden. I just couldn't help including a few pics of the beauty in their backyard. They had lots of these beautiful hydrangeas.

Not being a flower person, I forget what this is, but loved the colors.

This is only one corner of their yard. They have roses, Hostas, so much more!

My nephew Dan and his wife Bethany live in Terre Haute, and they just had closing on buying their first home. Before I left the city, I went by and Dan gave me a grand tour. It's really a lovely home inside, with lots of space. I think they will have so much fun, getting settled and fixing it to their liking.

On my way home, I stopped in Noblesville, to check on the progress my niece Dawn and her husband Rick are making on their house. They bought an old house and have had to repair and fix and remodel from the ground up. But it has a lot of personality and beautiful wood floors and woodwork, and will be really great when they finish.

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig--or something like that. The next day I would start yet another adventure.


Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

How fun! One of my sisters lives in Terre Haute but we don't get that way very often. Hubby and I went to Indiana State University so we lived there during our college days.

Wanda said...

You always have such positive posts, Donna, glad you are enjoying your summer, your friend has a very kind and gentle face.

Nice to have adventures!

Rebecca said...

L & A really DO have a lovely yard and beautiful flowers. The picture of that beautiful hydrangea reinforces my desire to have one.