Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hats Have It!

On my previous post about the cousin reunion I mentioned a hat skit. The 4 girls who were the planning committee and hostesses wanted to show us some of the many different hats that we as women often wear. For example we are mother, wife, nursemaid, gardener, teacher, etc. We can be sophisticated and classy, or just plain.

JeanAnn as sports coach and teacher

Char as entertainer

Jan as Plumber

Jan as Sophisticated Society Woman

Judy as nurse and caretaker

Char--Lighting up the Lives of Family and Friends

And there were several others. Who knew we have so many roles--i.e. "hats"?
However, there was an ulterior motive to this lesson about hats. Since we were in Amish Country they decided to give each of us an Amish bonnet.

Our hostesses are in the picture above--JeanAnn, Jan, Judy, and Char. Judy is a seamstress and made all the bonnets! There were 23 of us there, but she also made them for those who were missing. Each family had a different color. On the strings were embroidered "Rupp Girl Cousin Reunion 2010".

Above is Sheila (sister-in-law), me, and sisters Lou and Brenda. The colors of the bonnets related back to a big Rupp family reunion in 1991, when every family had a different colored tee-shirts. And yes, our shirts that year were a bright pink--even the guys! Our bonnets are a more muted shade of pink.

What a special gift this was, and especially a gift of love, from Judy. I know this had to take a lot of time. But of course it was worth it--Look how beautiful we all are! Now the only problem is, what would be appropriate occassions to wear my gorgeous bonnet?!


Wanda said...

What a fun time for all the cousins, Donna. Lovely photo of all of you on the stairs!

Brenda said...

Great job, Donna, on your two reunion posts. We are truly blessed. It was a special time together and great planing by Victor's kids--I forget their descripter word. :-)

Bernie said...

Love this post Donna, just to have the time to enjoy your cousins, share your time, love and talent. I love these kind of things. You are very blessed my friend....Hugs