Saturday, June 11, 2011


Tis the season
of wonderful reunions of blessed families.

The March 1, 1908 union of
a deacon’s son and a preacher’s daughter
was blessed with ten children,
six boys and four girls.

Two of the ten children remain for us to enjoy . . .

Uncle Andy, front row—second from the left in the family photo above . . .

And his younger sister, Aunt Vera, who recently celebrated 90 years. She is in the front row, second from the right in the family photo.

From the ten children
were added thirty-nine grandchildren.

Many of those grandchildren gathered today for our biannual Rupp Reunion.

Lyn and Rita, daughters of Aunt Arvada, (little sister on the far left of the front row) were the industrious, capable, creative, and gracious hostesses.

Many years ago, 1958 to be exact,
The cousins sang, “Count Your Many Blessings”
as part of our grandparents' anniversary celebration.

So, as we gathered today,
in thankfulness to God,
for our heritage and our blessings,
we again sang our family song.

It truly was a wonderful day.

However, the reason that I hijacked this blog. . .

Donna’s very cute photo that surfaced today . . .
just had to be shared.

And now, Donna, your younger sister thanks you for the opportunity of being a guest writer.


Bernie said...

I love that your sister showed your picture as a little girl, it is really cute. I also really like how you all get together as you do with your family so much love and respect for all of you being togetherp.....:-)Hugs

Dee said...

Donna, You were a reall cutie and sisters will be sisters.:) You all are blessed to have such a close family but I know you know that. :)

Donna's Book Nook said...

Sisters will be sisters,indeed!! I never know what my little sis will come up with. I do appreciate her documenting our reunion for me though, as I didn't get many good pictures.

Brenda said...

You go ahead and write about the reunion in your own words. There was so much to tell about. I think your picture is adorable. Were you surprised?

Donna's Book Nook said...

I knew you were up to something, but I expected it to show up on your blog, not mine! LOL!

Diana said...

Oh how cute! I had an Aunt Vera! Love the old family black and whites.
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

How DID she do that? It's wonderful that the grandchildren are keeping this reunion going! And Donna, the picture is as precious as you are today.