Friday, June 10, 2011

Regarding Flowers, A hubby, and Contraptions.

(disclaimer: the pictures and text would not line up like I wanted them to, so it may seem a little disjointed. In the interest of not taking any more time, it is what it is.)

A couple weeks ago (or longer), my friend Rebecca generously donated some of her plants and her time to help me do a little landscaping. The result is what I call my "Hosta Garden". (I need to get a cute statue or something to put on the tree stump).

(areas left and right of the stump)

I have two other little flower bed areas that I've wanted to get finished, but my hubby wanted to work up the ground first. Finally, yesterday, I went to buy some annuals and we were able to plant them last night.

Lynn had worked up the ground in these areas, but because of the flooding, and then the intense heat the ground was hard and had clumps of dirt. Being the semi-perfectionist that he is, he decided he needed to get out his "soil grinder" and grind up the clumps of dirt. I didn't know he even had this machine, so it was quite fascinating.

The way this works, is that you put the clumps of dirt into the bin at the top, and it grinds them up and nice fine dirt comes out the bottom. He was very excited that he was able to use this contraption to make my flower beds nice. ( Being very frugal, I think he was just as excited to think that he had purchased this machine for $20!)

These two flower beds are the result of his fine work. I had gotten some marigolds, some that are called Salvia (or Solvia)--they are purple and I thought they were pretty, and some moss roses.

Lynn usually goes with me to buy the flowers, but this time he trusted me to go get what I thought I would like. When he saw the flowers I brought home, he said "I don't think you got enough for both beds". As it turned out, we had exactly enough!

Since he had his soil grinder handy, my hubby decided to grind up some of the horse manure we had at the back of our property; he said it would be great on our vegetable garden.

Being the princess that she is, our dog, Chloe, was very much interested in this manure, and I'm sure wondered what we were doing with it!

Since we had some rain overnight, my vegetable garden and my flower beds all look very nice.

" Thank you, Lord, for giving us sunshine and rain as we need it. You are indeed the "Master Gardener".


Rebecca said...

What perfect timing, Donna! And I really, really like the pictures of Lynn & his machine in action.

The hostas DO look fine - and the other plant is called epimedium. (I recognized it when I saw it.) I think it will be just fine, too. It is very hardy for me, anyway.

This is a WONDERFUL post. I enjoyed it very much.

Wanda..... said...

I've never seen a dirt grinder before, it looks somewhat like a mulcher/shredder that we have. Nic e to have a sharing friend like Rebecca, your flowers look lovely and even more so later!

Dee said...

Hi Donna, I think I am fially back to blog land. Like Wanda, I have never seen or heard of a dirt grinder.The hosta's are lovely...they are one of my favorite plants. At one time I had a hosta I have one lonely little bleeding heart plant that I am trying to keep alive on my patio.:-/ It is nice of Rebecca to lend her green thumb.

Brenda said...

I have taken a real interest in landscaping/flowers this year as well. I call them my babies because I check them and water them almost every day and I had to labor so hard to start them! Mostly mine will not look nice until next spring and summer. I am just happy that they are still surviving and I will be thrilled if they make it through the winter.

i LOVE Lynn's machine! Sadly we mostly have clay. Yuk! I envy that good dirt. I do buy some cow manure to mix with my dirt.

Your beds look nice.

Bernie said...

Your flower beds look lovely Donna, I did a bit of planting out in the yard today as well. I could of used Lynn's machine here, the ground is horrid, so glad Rebecca was there to share with you. Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs

aishah said...

may i know what is the brand of that soil grinder? i'm really interested in buying 1 of those for my husband.