Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good bye To An Old Friend

It may be hard to believe, but my husband has been driving, for about 11 years now, a 1988 Buick Park Avenue. Of course he has maintained it well, but it's been very sick for some time now, and finally died.

We had a funeral for it yesterday. Lynn was renting a trailer to go up to Dad's farm and haul some wood and things back to our house; he decided to make to most of the trip,and take his old car to junk yard haven (Garmater's Auto Salvage). So we loaded it on the trailer, and drove it up there on our way to Ohio. They gave him an amazing $200. for it. He rented the trailer for $5o and we would probably spend $40 on gas going to Dad's, so we figured we still had money left for lunch!

I know Lynn really loved his car, so it was kind of sad to see it go. But now of course, he's ready to really upgrade. He's thinking he might get a '93 or '94 buick. When you are a conservative person, it's hard to think in terms of something really new. (Also, he's thinking about getting something that runs good and not have to spend a lot of money--that's probably the real driving force--pardon the pun!)

As a side note, his other vehicle is a 1988 truck! It's still running pretty good. Of course we can use my car as our "family" car now, which is a "very modern" 2001 Toyota Camry.

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