Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunshine, Team Work and Photography

What a beautiful day for a trip to Ohio. Originally, I wasn't going to go, as Lynn was going to take his daughter Janelle to help him. He borrowed a truck that could pull a trailer. I had sort of given him a hard time about the fact that he didn't think I was able to help him load everything he needed to bring back. So, at the last minute, he said the cab was big enough for 3 people and asked if I wanted to go. I guess I felt like I should, since I had made a fuss about it.

The cab was big enough for 3,but just barely. I sat in the middle, and it seemed just a tidge crowded! Even though it was a fairly big truck, it wasn't a super smooth ride. Lynn said it was because the truck has a lot of tight suspension in the back, which makes it good for hauling big loads.

We enjoyed the ride up to the farm, commenting on the crops--as we always do. It was a really beautiful day, with a little breeze, so we really didn't even get too warm. We had quite a bit of lumber to load, plus two riding lawn mowers, that need some work, as they are not currently working.

Lynn's daughter was extremely impressed with the barn. She does some photography, and has a websit called She has a lot of unique photos from their old barn on her website. She had her camara and took quite a few pictures. (She takes things like windows--and views through the window, barn doors, etc. ) They are actually quite interesting; I'll have to ask to see them, as I'll be interested to see how great our barn really is!

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Home Restaurant and then headed back. Janelle had other plans, so Lynn and I unloaded everything into the new barn at Janelle's place.

It was a good day, and kind of nice to work along side of my hubby. I think maybe he's figured out that I can be helpful when necessary. We finished off the day, by going out for dinner and a movie. (But that's another blog.)

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