Monday, September 29, 2008


Great Food!

The Movie Theatre

Those who work together should play together. ( I might have just made that up!) After a very productive day of working together, Lynn and I cleaned up and headed to the big city (when you're from Woodburn, Ft. Wayne is big).

We first went to Smokey Bones for dinner. Lynn had barbequed brisket and I had pulled pork with barbeque sauce. His brisket was really good. He said it was the best meal that he's had in a restaurant in a long time--even better than steak. That started our evening out well, since it's always good to have your man satisfied with his meal. (Mine was very good also).

Our church has been encouraging people to go see the movie Fireproof. It's produced by the same group that made Facing the Giants. This was the first weekend it was out, so we went to the "Rave" to see it. I thought the movie was really good--very well done. It's about a couple who are on the brink of divorce, and a program called Love Dare that helped them save their marriage.

I am so very thankful for a wonderful husband, who loves me and pampers me. But I know that Satan would like nothing better than to destroy marriages and families. The movie made me feel very grateful that I have a good marriage, but also made me realize that no one is immune from difficulties in relationships.

Hopefully there will be many couples who will benefit from this movie. When we know of couples who are having challenges, we surely need to keep them in our prayers.

We stopped for a milkshake at McDonald's on the way home. It was pretty nearly a perfect date and a wonderful evening. It's great to have a "date night" once in a while. I'm sure it helps to maintain those healthy relationships.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunshine, Team Work and Photography

What a beautiful day for a trip to Ohio. Originally, I wasn't going to go, as Lynn was going to take his daughter Janelle to help him. He borrowed a truck that could pull a trailer. I had sort of given him a hard time about the fact that he didn't think I was able to help him load everything he needed to bring back. So, at the last minute, he said the cab was big enough for 3 people and asked if I wanted to go. I guess I felt like I should, since I had made a fuss about it.

The cab was big enough for 3,but just barely. I sat in the middle, and it seemed just a tidge crowded! Even though it was a fairly big truck, it wasn't a super smooth ride. Lynn said it was because the truck has a lot of tight suspension in the back, which makes it good for hauling big loads.

We enjoyed the ride up to the farm, commenting on the crops--as we always do. It was a really beautiful day, with a little breeze, so we really didn't even get too warm. We had quite a bit of lumber to load, plus two riding lawn mowers, that need some work, as they are not currently working.

Lynn's daughter was extremely impressed with the barn. She does some photography, and has a websit called She has a lot of unique photos from their old barn on her website. She had her camara and took quite a few pictures. (She takes things like windows--and views through the window, barn doors, etc. ) They are actually quite interesting; I'll have to ask to see them, as I'll be interested to see how great our barn really is!

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Home Restaurant and then headed back. Janelle had other plans, so Lynn and I unloaded everything into the new barn at Janelle's place.

It was a good day, and kind of nice to work along side of my hubby. I think maybe he's figured out that I can be helpful when necessary. We finished off the day, by going out for dinner and a movie. (But that's another blog.)

Good bye To An Old Friend

It may be hard to believe, but my husband has been driving, for about 11 years now, a 1988 Buick Park Avenue. Of course he has maintained it well, but it's been very sick for some time now, and finally died.

We had a funeral for it yesterday. Lynn was renting a trailer to go up to Dad's farm and haul some wood and things back to our house; he decided to make to most of the trip,and take his old car to junk yard haven (Garmater's Auto Salvage). So we loaded it on the trailer, and drove it up there on our way to Ohio. They gave him an amazing $200. for it. He rented the trailer for $5o and we would probably spend $40 on gas going to Dad's, so we figured we still had money left for lunch!

I know Lynn really loved his car, so it was kind of sad to see it go. But now of course, he's ready to really upgrade. He's thinking he might get a '93 or '94 buick. When you are a conservative person, it's hard to think in terms of something really new. (Also, he's thinking about getting something that runs good and not have to spend a lot of money--that's probably the real driving force--pardon the pun!)

As a side note, his other vehicle is a 1988 truck! It's still running pretty good. Of course we can use my car as our "family" car now, which is a "very modern" 2001 Toyota Camry.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peaches and Apples

These are the recipes from my previous blog, just in case anyone wants to try them!

Peach Pie

9 inch unbaked pie crust
1 Tblsp. flour
1 Tblsp sugar
1 pint fresh or frozen peaches

2 heaping Tblsp. flour
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup whipping cream

Mix the 1 T flour and 1 T sugar and spread over unbaked pie crust.
Place 1 pint of peaches over that.
Mix the 2 T of flour and 2/3 cup sugar and add the whipping cream; mix well.
Pour mixture over peaches and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes or until crust is brown.

Crock Pot Apple Butter

4 pounds of apples, peeled and sliced (about 10 cups)
2 cups sugar
1/3 cup water
2 Tblsp. cider vinegar
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground cloves
1/8 tsp. ground allspice
1/8 tsp nutmeg

Place apples in 3 1/2 qt. slow cooker.
mix remaining ingredients and mix into apples
( I mix the ingredients in the crock pot and then stir in the apples)
Cover, and cook on high for 5-6 hours (I use the full 6 hours)
Stir; cool at least 1 hour or chill overnight in frig, covered
Ladle into jars and seal
store in frig for 3 weeks or in freezer for one year.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Yummy Discovery!

Crock pot Apple Butter
We basically have an orchard in our back yard--peach trees, pear tree, and several apple trees. This of course is a wonderful thing! And this year they have produced prolifically (is that a word?). That means we have lots!

A week ago today, when we were at step-mom Kay's, Sheila and I were browsing through her new magazines. We found several good looking recipes, including a recipe for apple butter done in a slow cooker. Well! I was intrigued, as I could just picture our Rome apple tree full of apples, and I really love apple butter.

I copied the recipe and of course had to try it right away. It's really simple--which meets my criteria--and I thought it really turned out delicious! The most time-consuming part of course is peeling, coring and slicing the apples--4 pounds of sliced apples per recipe. I have made 2 batches so far, and I will probably do more, but I'm ready for a much needed break from the kitchen. It's never been my favorite place to spend time, and I also made 2 batches of peach jam in the last 2 days. I feel I've earned at least one evening, or maybe even a whole day, of reading, blogging, or anything else fun and relaxing.

Also an added bonus: Sheila gave me her recipe for peach cream pie..My! My! My! is it ever mouth-watering delicious. It was also fairly simple, which makes it taste even better. Lynn thought it was out of this world and had Janelle (his daughter) come and taste it. She thought it was almost as good as her apple cream pie (a recipe from her grandmother). It seems I'm developing some culinary skills after all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday Blessings

Uno and a movie

Cards--from Hubby and step-mom,

--- and from both sisters!

Ok! Ok! I know I was reaching for pictures on this one! It's just that being the avid blogger that I am, I can't believe I forgot to take my camara with me to Ohio on Saturday the 13th. All of my siblings, and their spouses and Katie were going to be there. The plan was to take an inventory of what's in Dad's barn, and make some decisions about his estate.

As it happened, it absolutely poured down rain on Saturday morning! my poor brother-in-law, Bob, had to collect honey from his bee hives at the farm that morning. I felt so bad for him! For more details see Brenda's perspective. We all went to the Home restaurant for lunch for some comfort food (chili, soup, salad, etc). It sort of cleared up in the afternoon, and the guys were able to do some sorting at the barn. The rest of us visited with Kay.

Lou, Brenda and I also went to Fairlawn and visited our Aunt Fannie and Aunt Mable. Aunt Fannie is mid-90's (94?) and Aunt Mable is 100! They both are failing physically and Aunt Mable has struggled with memory as well. However, it was very sad to see that Aunt Fannie was really struggling with memory issues as well that day. I hadn't really seen her that way before.

Saturday evening we went to the up-scale new restaurant in Archbold, Stella Blue, to celebrate my birthday and Kay's. The food was really good and we had an absolutely hilarious waitress (excuse me! Server!) who kept us laughing. We had a really great time. Lynn had brought a cake, and so we had cake (and most of us had ice cream with it) for dessert.

Sunday noon after church Lynn took me out again to eat, as he didn't want me to have to cook on my birthday. Then Sunday evening we were home, and he said what do you want to do. I'm here this evening to spend the time with you. he said, "we can watch a movie, or if you'd rather just read, or whatever you want." Well I thought for a minute; we never have actually just played a game together, so I said "how about playing UNO?" Well, he was kind of surprised, but he agreed. We actually got into it, and had fun and played to the full 500 points. Of course, I had to let him win!! It was still early, so we also decided to watch a movie. We watched Return to Me. It was really a very good wonderful movie, and we really enjoyed it. So I had a great birthday weekend.

Funny, I don't really feel any older, but I guess when you get to my age, you just don't notice the change! The really exciting thing is that I am officially retiring the end of October! I actually only have 16 working days left, as I'm cutting down to part time for this last month. I can't wait to see what retiree's do!! I feel pretty certain that I'll still stay very busy, it just won't be nursing, which I've done for 44 years! Ain't life good?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Detours, Disappointment and Delightlful times

Lookin' Good!

Looks aren't everything!

Twins--or just Geeks?!

Pastor Dan's Church
The best laid plans often get changed through, seemingly, no fault of our own. Such was the case on my recent trip to Oklahoma City. I make this trip about every 3 months, as my son, Tim, still lives there (I lived there for 19 years).


This trip was specifically to go with Tim to a Dr's appointment for his diabetes. He's had problems with episodes of very low sugar and has passed out on several occassions. The appointment was for Sept. 9, at 10:00am ( or so we thought). When we arrived, a less-than-friendly receptionist informed us that Dr. Drake was not there this week. When she checked the appointment, she said it was for Sept 2nd, and that since Tim was a "no-show" for that appointment, Dr. Drake would not see him at all. I told her that we were given the appointment for the 9th. She said she called Tim and confirmed his appointment for the 2nd. Tim told me he did receive a phone call, but he didn't realize the date was changed. So-o-o-o, it was back to the drawing board. I called the family doctor, explained what happened (she confirmed that she had set the appointment for the 9th) and she is setting up an appointment with another specialist.


(1) I always rent a car when I go to OKC, and thought I had really gotten a good deal this time. However, when I got to the counter, she said it was booked from the 5th to the 9th, instead of from the 5th to the 10th. So I would have to pay an additional day. (I'm sure it was a mistake on their part, as I gave them the correct dates). They gave me a very cute, red Toyota Yaris; as I drove it from the airport, I thought I was in the wrong gear. Everytime, I stopped and started again the motor would rev, like a hot-rodder. This was on Thursday afternoon, and I didn't really have to drive it anywhere that night. (Actually, I went to see Tim, but my friend Judy drove me, as I had accidentally left the lights on in the Toyota, and the battery was dead!) Great start to my trip! After talking to Lynn on the phone, and to Shirley, I decided they needed to replace my car, as I didn't feel like it was safe to drive. (By this time, a friend of Shirley's had come over and jumped my battery). So Friday morning, I called the rental agency. They finally decided they would bring me a different car, but it would be about 2 hours. They said that for some reason the car was going into overdrive, instead of driving normally. (This was at 9:30 am) At 12:00 I still had no car, and I called again. It seems they had forgotten to call a wrecker company to go pick up the car at the airport and bring it to me. They said it would be about 1 1/2 hours. At 2:15 pm I was getting ready to call again, when the car finally arrived! It was a Mazda, and worked wonderfully. I only wasted one day waiting, right? (I determined that I would be talking to a manager when I returned the car and would not be paying for the extra day!)

(2) Shirley and I actually took another detour on Sunday morning. I really wanted to go to Pastor Dan's Church to hear him and see him and his wife Jeanie. So we got up and dressed in our finest outfits--as it turned out they were almost exactly alike! It reminded me of my dad's funeral; Brenda and I were supposed to speak together, and we initially were dressed almost exactly alike. Brenda decided that just wasnt' acceptable and found something else to wear. But I digress!. Anyway, being the free spirits that we are, we decided it didn't bother us to be dressed alike. When we got to the church--we were a little early--we went in to look around. One of the ladies there asked if we were new to the area. I explained that I knew Pastor Dan. She said "Oh, he's on vacation today"! Well! I really didn't want to listen to the Baptist Association President, so we went to the restroom, and then just sauntered out into the sunshine and drove off! It was really too late to go anywhere else, so we took a scenic drive back through the city to Shirley's, in our very chic Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes!

Delightful times:

I always enjoy going back to OKC. Shirley and her daughter Judy, and another friend, Jaquetta, are so much fun, and we just laugh and laugh. (It's good for our endorphins, you know). I always enjoy seeing Mother Lavin. She came to Shirley's for a birthday supper they had for me. Then on Tuesday, I took Mother and Tim out to her favorite restaurant--Golden Corral. She likes to be able to choose what she wants. She especially thinks it's cool that she gets a free drink--she takes 3 or 4 lemon wedges, squeezes them in her water, and adds sugar. She thinks its great that she gets a free lemonade! I think it's hilarious!
I also went back to the Spine Hospital where I used to work and saw all my co-workers. They are such a great group, and always glad to see me. (They always tell me how great I look, which is an added perk, even if it might not be true!)

There is definitely one thing I can always count on when I travel to OKC--even though things dont' go as I planned, I always have a great time! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family. God is good!