Friday, June 19, 2009

Creator of the Universe--still in control

I am currently sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport waiting for my plane. I was originally scheduled to go through Chicago and be home by 5:15 pm. The flight to Chicago was cancelled so I won't get home till 9:30 pm. Thus I've become an airport junkie today--wanting to eat, knowing I shouldn't, reading, using the computer, and meditating.

I told you that Tim was to get out of jail on Monday, and I was really looking forward to being with him again. However, there was a glich. I finally called the jail Tuesday morning and they told me that he would not be released until his city charges were taken care of. (His court date on Monday was for the county). It seems that the city waited until his county charges were settled and then re-filed some outstanding charges that they have. I couldn't bail him out, as bail was $6150. He now has 2 court dates for the city--July 1st and July 9th. So I will go back in 3 weeks and hope that this will be resolved.

I went to see Tim on Wednesday afternoon at the jail. He was of course frustrated, as was I, about this turn of events. However, he seemed to still be in good spirits. I said, "I'm so sorry this happened--I was expecting you to be out and spend some time with you." He said, "Mom, don't worry; I know the Creator of the Universe personally, and He's still watching out for me."

I started reading the Yada Yada Prayer Group book on this trip; so I've decided I just need to praise the Lord, and thank Him for what he's going to do in Tim's life. One of the books in the Bible that bears Timothy's name, says "God is the blessed controller of all things" ( I Timothy 6: 15 Phillips translation ) Nothing is a surprise for Him and nothing is too hard for Him. So we will trust Him for the outcome.


Brenda said...

This is hard. i am thinking of you and praying for you and Tim.

Rebecca said...

I can't imagine the frustration you feel. (Hopefully as I write this on Sat. morning you are home - and exhausted physically & mentally, I'm sure.) Glad you had an upbeat book to read. I'm sure that was not just a coincidence! I'm glad to know what translation that "blessed controller of all things" came from. Elizabeth Elliot used to quote that a lot--I THINK it was her....I missed you while you were gone.